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Italy Vacation packages All inclusive

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Escorted Tours of Italy

Italy, also internationally-known as the "Bel Paese” (“the beautiful country”), boasts the most important artistic and cultural heritage in the world. It's not just about the fact that Italy has the highest distribution of museums per area... In fact, the whole country can be considered an authentic open-air museum, just considering its main cities (Rome, Florence, Venice etc.), rich in works of art and historical monuments. But in Italy there is a lot to see, besides the world-famous destinations: archaeological sites of incommensurable value, breathtaking natural treasures, small medieval villages perched atop the hills, picturesque sea-side towns, and much more.
To give you the opportunity to immerse yourself into the beauty of this land, we have selected for you the best Escorted Tours, which consist in guided multi-day excursions, where you will be accompanied by experienced and accredited guides. With our escorted tours you will finally discover the most beautiful and famous landmarks in Italy. Such places as Rome, the Amalfi Coast and Tuscany, but also hidden places, far from the classic tourist itineraries.
Our escorted tours are also the best way to visit the larger Italian islands, such as Sardinia and Sicily, making the rounds of the coasts but also visiting the charming villages in the inner area. Choose our escorted tours to discover the heritage and the history of Italy, but also to enjoy its lively, variegated culture, made of dialects, gastronomy and ancient traditions