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Genoa & Liguria

Things to know about Genoa & Liguria

The regione of Liguria is a land rich in natural beauties, and it offers a wide variety of landscapes that harmoniously goes from the sea to the mountains.
The capital of Liguria, the city of Genoa, is the main touristic destination in the region. This port city combines different sceneries - perfectly integrated - and offers a wide range of opportunities for those who choose to visit this area and spend a holiday here.
Visiting Genoa you can admire its natural and cultural heritage, but you can also have the opportunity to embrace its life-style, enjoying an aperitif in the city center.
Aside from Genoa, there are many many other destinations of great interest to visit in the region, such as the countless charming villages and towns perched on the Ligurian Coast, where you can discover breathtaking beaches as well as ancient traditions and great food.