Private visit of Manarola and Vernazza with Traditional Cooking Lesson
Genoa & Liguria

Private Tour of Manarola and Vernazza with Traditional Cooking Lesson

7 h
Food, Wine & nightlife
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Activity for Small group of Manarola and Vernazza with Traditional Cooking Lesson

Come along to our private tour to two of the most beautiful villages of Cinque Terre, Manarola and Vernazza. We will be visiting these two iconic villages of Cinque Terreand then head towards Levanto village. Here we will learn how to make traditional Genoese pesto, and much more!

Private visit of Manarola and Vernazza with Traditional Cooking Lesson highlights: 

  • Seize the opportunity to explore with one of our local guides around the stunning Cinque Terre
  • Be captivated by the remarkable artistry of Manarola’s terraced vineyards and Vernazza’s quaint fishing village
  • Learn the historical significant of Cinque Terre and why people fall in love with the villages
  • Locate the narrow pathways of Cinque Terre that leads you to the most stunning views
  • Enjoy how to make Genoese pesto sauce and be treated for dinner accompanied with wine

On this private tour of Cinque Terre, you will wander through Manarola and walk among the famous terraced vineyards to reach the picturesque Vernazza with a romantic walk. You will then head to a typical restaurant where you will learn all the secrets of local cuisine during a private cooking lesson.

Manarola Terraced Vineyard

We will be visiting one of the two iconic villages of Cinque Terre in the morning. As we wander among the tiny square and narrow alleys of the village, we will come across the famous terraced vineyards of Manarola. Being the second smallest and the oldest village of Cinque Terre, Manarola is the most frequented. Sight the cornerstone church of Manarola, San Lorenzo. The beauty of Manarola is painted in the bright and colorful houses by the cliffs.

Romantic Vernazza

Walking through the Corniglia walk, we will come upon the picturesque Vernazza. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful towns in Italy and has no traffic or any stressful congestion of people. The iconic Tower of the Doria Castle is erected on a steep peak offers a great panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea. Find the romantic walk along the cliffs of Cinque Terre.

Traditional Genoese Pesto Making

In the afternoon, we will head towards a lovely Italian family managed restaurant in Levanto village, very close to the Cinque Terre, for a private cooking class. You will learn how to make the most famous Genoese pesto sauce but in the traditional way using mortar and pestle and accompanied with corzetti pasta (a fresh typical pasta stamped with a design), frisceu and ricotta dolce. The Italian chef will introduce you to these typical Ligurian recipes and at the end of your private cooking lesson, enjoy your hard work complimented with wine.