Excursion to Erice and Marsala from Palermo with lunch and wine and oil tasting

Excursion to Erice and Marsala from Palermo with lunch and wine and oil tasting

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Day trip to Erice and Marsala departing from Palermo for small groups

Enjoy an excursion from Palermo to two of the most picturesque locations in southern Italy, the medieval hilltop village of Erice, and Marsala, with tasting of typical local wine and top-quality Sicilian olive oil!

Tour of Erice and Marsala with wine and oil tasting from Palermo highlights: 

  • Enjoy the comfortable ride in an air-conditioned Mercedes minivan from Palermo to Erice
  • Walk through the alleys of Erice and admire the Egadi Islands and Trapani from vantage points
  • Upgrade your stop while enjoying refreshing Sicilian granita
  • Taste the famous wines and oils of Marsala and enjoy a typical Sicilian lunch
  • Explore one of Italy's most evocative routes: the Via del Sale (Salt Road)

Tour of Erice and Marsala with wine and oil tasting from Palermo

If you want to have a complete experience by touching two of the most sought-after destinations in all of Sicily, you can't miss this small-group tour, with which you will discover the picturesque village of Erice and the city of Sicily's most prized wine, Marsala.

Discover the centuries-old enchanting village of Erice 

Palermo is definitely a must-see in Sicily, being considered its capital, but you may want to explore realities that though smaller and quieter, unveil dreamy places that would be a shame to miss during your Sicilian stay. Such as the small medieval village of Erice, which is about a couple of hours from Palermo, to which you will arrive via a very comfortable air-conditioned minivan. Erice has very ancient origins, it was founded by the population of the Elymians around the 8th century BC, who built the majestic temple dedicated to the goddess of prosperity and love, which was later converted into a fortified castle by the Altavilla family, of Norman origin. To this day the whole complex takes the name Castello di Venere in honor of its origins and offers one of the most spectacular views of the entire coast, from which you can glimpse the Egadi Islands and the city of Trapani. As usual on Sicilian soil, after strolling for some time, you will be happy to refresh yourself with the typical sweet snack of this region, the refreshing and creamy granita!

Taste the aromas and flavors of the exquisite oils and wines of Marsala

After strolling through the alleys of Erice, you will continue this excursion by setting off for Marsala, the city symbolic of the production of Sicily's most famous fortified wine, which is perfect to pair with desserts, especially when prepared with dried fruits and jams. Another prominent product of Marsala is oil, also being low in acidity, very sweet and with fruity notes, it makes any dish in which it is an ingredient special. So you will be happy to know that you will be able to taste different varieties of these typical Marsala products during a delicious tasting, but that's not all! After your excursion to Erice and Marsala you can enjoy a delicious Sicilian lunch at a local winery or agriturismo. 

Be enchanted by la Via del Sale

The last leg of this Excursion to Erice and Marsala from Palermo is the passage on one of the most evocative routes in Sicily, if not in all of Italy, which takes the name Via del Sale precisely because it is dotted with salt pans, which constitute one of Sicily's main economic resources. This route connects Marsala to the nearby city of Trapani, and is flanked by two nature reserves, that of the Salt Pans of Trapani and Paceco, and the Stagnone Islands Oriented Nature Reserve. Here you can marvel at the sight of windmills, stretches of water, and colors that flood the landscape and make it comparable to an artist's painting! After admiring the wonders that lie behind the salt processing route, you along with the rest of the small group featured in this excursion to Erice and Marsala will be ready for the return to Palermo.