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Things to know about Apulia

Apulia is a region in the south-eastern Italy, which forms a high-heel on the "boot" of Italy. Rich in history, ancient traditions and natural breathtaking treasures. The mild climate all year round and its extraordinary seaside locations, blessed by a crystal-clear sea, make this region one of the most popular summer destinations in Italy.
The charm of its artistic wonders, its excellent Mediterranean cuisine and the breathtaking scenery of its cities will amaze you and will make you wish you had booked more days for your holiday.
In Apulia, land of poets and artists, the heritage of the Middle Ages merges with Eastern influences, both in the architecture of some historical centers and in the culinary traditions. This region in fact, because of its geographical location, has been for centuries a crossroads of different cultures and civilizations, and the evidences can be tracked by visiting the well-preserved archaeological ruins, with our guided tours.
Enclosed between two seas, the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic Sea, dotted with olive groves, Christian churches and stone walls, Apulia is a region to discover, among picturesque villages and baroque towns. Book your tour now, and visit this beautiful part of Italy!