Small group guided activity around Otranto region in Salerno.

Small group guided tour around the best of Otranto region in Salerno.

2 h
min 30
Walking Tours
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Guided private excursion around Otranto region in Salerno.

Join us in discovering Apulia and the ancient city of Otranto, who won the title as the Cultural Heritage Village. We will take you through this UNESCO city, exploring the treasures, traditions and the rich history of Otranto, such as the Aragonese Castle and the Otranto Cathedral. 

Small group guided activity around Otranto region in Salerno. highlights: 

  • Explore the treasures and heritage of Otranto.
  • Discover the historical values of Otranto.
  • Walk in the footsteps of Otranto Martyrs by visiting Martyr monumental buildings.
  • Visit the grand Aragonese Castle and Otranto Cathedral.
  • Be astounded by the precious wall painting of the Byzantine church of St. Peter.

The journey begins along the waterfront at the foot of the ancient village, passing the monument dedicated to the Martyrs through Porta Alfonsina, you will enter the old town where it is worthwhile to visit the Aragonese Castle and the Cathedral with the precious mosaic floor of' "Tree of Life" and the relics of 800 Martyrs whom were slayed by the Ottomans in 1480.

The Ancient Cultural Heritage Village of Otranto

Otranto village is of Greek origin and many Empires have regarded the strategic location of Otranto. From being a Greek city to a Roman city to a Byzantine possession and later it was invaded in 1480 by the Ottomans. During this time, many Catholics refused to convert to Islam and were later beheaded for their refusal. There’s a memorial monument dedicated to the Martyrs of Otranto. The rich cultural heritage of Otranto can be seen in the architectural buildings, traditions and the impressive fortress of the Castello Aragonese.

Aragonese Castle

The Castello Aragonese was reinforced by the Roman Emperor Frederick II. This well preserved Castle can still be seen with moats running along the entire perimeter and it still has its drawbridge. The cylindrical towers and bastion stand proudly guarding Otranto.

The Cathedral of Otranto

The Cathedral was built in the 11th century and is adorned with many colorful fine mosaic pavements. The Cathedral possesses an intricately detailed rose window and contains columns and pieces of stone work from the Temple of Minerva. The bones and relics of the Martyrs of Otranto are housed in the Cathedral beside the high altar. We will stop at the Byzantine church of St. Peter to admire the precious wall paintings. The path ends with a scenic walk along the ramparts and walls.

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