Private Trip of Alberobello by Segway, e-bike or golf cart, with Cooking class

Private Tour of Alberobello by Segway, e-bike or golf cart, with Cooking Lesson

2 h
Tours on wheels
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Accesible

Small group Trip of Alberobello by Segway, e-bike or golf cart, with Cooking class

Take the chance to discover the secrets of our renowned Apulian cuisine by participating in one of cooking class in a trullo. In addition, you will be given a brief guided tour of the historical Alberobello, its folk traditions, and the unique trulli construction methods.

Private Trip of Alberobello by Segway, e-bike or golf cart, with Cooking class highlights: 

  • Discover the UNESCO World Heritage Trulli buildings in the small Alberobello village
  • Capture the panoramic view of the Puglia region in South of Italy
  • An entertaining guided tour with an e-bike or a mini Golf Cart with safety equipment
  • Learn how to cook the ancient Apulian famous cuisines in a trullo
  • Enjoy the end results of the cooking lessons

An arranged 2-hour private tour of the historical Alberobello town in the Apulian region with a fully qualified tour guide, where you will be equipped with tour audio system and headphones as well as some safety equipment’s as you take an e-bike, Segway or a mini Gold Cart for a spin. You will be visiting a church and learn the construction methods of a trulli building. At the end of the brief tour, you will join a cookery class in a trullo to discover the secrets of our renowned Apulian cuisines.

Tour of Alberobello

Alberobello means “Beautiful Tree”, is situated on the southern coast of Italy in the Puglia region. This small town in the city of Bari is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its unusual districts of trulli, a white-washed with conical roof houses. Our guide will take you through the city of Alberobello in a Segway, e-bike or a mini golf cart for a brief historical tour retelling the stories of feudal. As you are comfortably listening to your guide, there is an option where you can photographically record the panoramic views of Alberobello. Take this opportunity to know the folk traditions of the Apulian region as we visit a local church.

The UNESCO Trullo

In the sixteenth century, due to feudal laws and taxes, the inhabitants of Alberobello lived in trulli because they are easy to dismantle as Alberobello didn’t classify as a land to inhabit. A trullo is built from limestone and are usually built in square structure with an unusual characteristic conical roof topped with a spire. It is constructed in thick walls without mortar. You’ll see them strewn across the Apulia region. Our guide will show you the construction methods of a trullo and you will discover the builder’s skills and the status symbol of a trullo.

The Apulian Culinary class in a Trullo 

As the Apulian region is a coastal area of Italy, it comes as no surprise that most Apulian cuisines are typically made of seafood products from the Adriatic Sea, local produce from the countryside, vineyards and olive groves. During our 50 minutes cooking lesson in a trullo, you will learn the secrets of the regional cuisines and then there will be time for a light tasting!

Other cooking classes 

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