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Things to know about Sicily

Certainly there are many reasons visit the splendid island of Sicily and discover the treasures of its cities, both on the coast and on the inner areas, from all points of view: cultural, natural and culinary, of course.
Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Its shape kind of remind that of a triangle, whose vertices are Peloro (or "Punta del Faro") in MessinaCapo Boeo (or "Lilybaeum") in Marsala and Capo Passero, in Portopalo.
The Sicilian cities and towns have countless artistic and architectural monuments to visit, dating back from ancient Greek to modern times. The island has seven sites that have earned the title of World Heritage Site by UNESCO for their historical, artistic, architectural and natural importance.  Among them is Mount Etna, considered the symbol of the whole region.
Among the cities worth visiting during your tour of Sicily, we cannot avoiding mention Palermo (capital of the island), CataniaSyracuseAgrigentoMonrealeTaorminaTrapani, and many others, including also a few archipelago, such as the Aeolian Islands and Eagadian Islands.
Known throughout Italy and the world is also the traditional Sicilian cuisine, with its irresistible dishes, sweet and savory, will inevitably spoil your palate during your vacation.