Full Day Private Tour of Palermo from the port or the centre by car

Full Day Private Tour of Palermo from the port or the centre by car

8 h
Day Trips & Excursions
difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
Pick up included

Day Excursion of Palermo and Monreale from the port with private driver

This private tour will take you on a discovery of some of Sicily's most beautiful cities such as Palermo and Monreale, where you can admire the Norman art, the spectacular colors of the maritime landscape, and the different styles and influences that characterize this magnificent Italian island.

Private Shore Excursion from Palermo Port or City Centre to Monreale and Palermo highlights: 

  • Explore Palermo and its monuments on this full day private tour
  • Visit the Catacombs of the city on your own
  • Discover the Byzantine mosaics in the Palatine Chapel
  • Experience the lively atmosphere of the Ballarò Market
  • Enjoy a relaxed and comfortable private tour by car or minivan

Private Shore Excursion from Palermo Port or City Centre to Monreale and Palermo

On this private full day day tour of the city of Palermo, visit majestic monuments, appreciate the beautiful landscape that surrounds the city, and enjoy its lively atmosphere.

A Varied Style of Monument

The Arabic, Norman, and Byzantine empires all contribute to the fascinating history of Palermo.  After your pick up by a private driver (at disposal a total of 8 hours) in the city center, you will be impressed by the symbol of the city, the famous catherdral of Palermo, which is one of the oldest churches in the world. You will have the opportunity to see the many architectural features of the Martorana Church, which is heavily influenced by both the Arabs and Normans. Next, you can visit the Palazzo dei Normanni which houses the beautiful Palatine Chapel with several Byzantine mosaics.

The Landscape That Frames Palermo     

Walking along the Port of Palermo, you will delight in the dramatic scenery where the Mount Pellegrino overhands Mondello, one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. From here you can visit the Catacombs buried under the Convent of Capuchins. These are of great historical importance and house more than 8000 mummified bodies. In contrast with this, you will then pass through the lively atmosphere of the Ballarò Markets, where the animated bargaining could not differ further from your previous stop.


An unmissable stop on this private day tour of Palermo is the small town of Monreale, with its world-class masterpiece of Norman art: the UNESCO World Heritage Cathedral. The interior, illuminated by the magnificient golden mosaics, creates the illusion of being in heavan itself. These mosaics tell the whole history of Christianity from the coming of Christ to the events that followed the Resurrection.

Other eXPeriences to Discover Sicily

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