Guided Tour exploring Palermos workshops and handicrafts

Guided Tour exploring Palermo's workshops and handicrafts

3 h
Walking Tours
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Amazing excursion around Palermo's workshops and handicrafts

Join our 3 hour group tour to discover the artisan spirit of Palermo. With our designated tour to old craft workshops, passing through the city centre, exploring both the old and the new generations of Palermo’s craftsmen and craft techniques by capturing the essence of the artisans’ traditions.

Guided activity around Palermo's workshops and handicrafts highlights: 

  • Discover the ancient techniques of the experienced craftsmen of Palermo
  • Explore the flourishing centuries old Sicilian capital and its historic center
  • Visit the most representative artisan workshops and laboratories
  • From the colorful painted wagons to hand-crafted tinkers and fine leather goods
  • Gain artisan insights into the lifestyle of the ancient city of Palermo

Guided activity around Palermo's workshops and handicrafts

In this specialized guided walking tour, you will be exposed to the traditional Palermo craft skills and talents.
Most definitely you will not be leaving without having learned a new skill or two.

A journey through the streets of crafts

Palermo is renowned for its various specialized artisans.
You will be guided through much artistically featured architecture, sandwiched in between the many contrastingcolourful craft shops lining the pavedtown centre streets of Palermo.
On this tour, we shall take the craft streets such as Via Maqueda (craftsmen producing braziers, pans or other utensils in copper, aluminium or bronze), Via dei Carrettieri (constructors and conductors of wagons) or Via Cinturinai (producers of leather goods) to cop a feel of the authenticity of the skilful masters of Palermo

Exploring the historical treasures of Palermo

Our guided tour will take you through the old city of Palermo to uncover historical Grecian landmarks by the port, Moorish monuments and Arab-Norman style designed buildings with a mixture of Roman architectureand Byzantine mosaic influences, passing by the famous and beautiful Piazza Marina.
It is full of exciting discoveries of the numerous cultural influences dating from the ancient Phoenicians to the Romans, from the Normans to the Arabian rule that will both fascinate and intrigue your mind.

Preservation efforts of the Palermo’s locals

With rising modernisation, there is no greater fear within the locals than that this generation may lose the “pass down” the ancient wisdom and skills which they have received from their forefathers and these skills shall be forever buried and forgotten.
In our guided tour, we will visit the re-development projects of Kalsa, the neighbourhood of craftsmen fighting to preserve and maintain the importance of traditional craft knowledge and techniques, and propose an alternative model for a sustainable economy of the old town without jeopardizing Palermo’s artisan heritage.
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