We select the best activities to give the opportunity to experience the authentic flavor of Italy. From there, we start to achieve our mission: to make our clients' stay an unforgettable experience.
We transform a trip to Italy into a multi-sensory experience in this enchanting and beautiful country, overcoming the stereotypes of mass tourism, through discovery of authentic flavors and aromas and the exploration of new places of Italian tradition.
Travel and accommodation are increasingly seen as commodity products and increasing importance is being placed on experiencing the places you visit.
In light of this new vision of tourism, Italy is the ideal destination that provides a mix of culture, nature, sports and culinary delights that no other place in the world can offer.
ItalyXP.com is the place through which tourists can discover everything! Visitors to the site can find and buy the most interesting experiences of the place of destination.
The objective of Italy eXPerience is to provide its customers with the highest quality of services available in order for them to have the best possible travel experience.
Our customers are all people who visit or move within our country, for pleasure or for work.
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