Experience the best of Italy, in just a few clicks
In the digital age, visiting a place is no longer the main objective, the time has come to immerse yourself in places living unique travel experiences that build the memories of a lifetime. ItalyXP allows tourists who identify themselves with this way of travelling to find carefully selected experiences throughout Italy on a single platform.
In just a few minutes a traveller can shape his holiday with an early visit to the Vatican Museums, a cooking class in Florence, or a boat ride in Amalfi, all purchased on our website. We are continuously developing new technological tools to make the booking experience easier for customers and thus allow them to start dreaming about their trip without stress and worries.
Smart travel advisors
The winning combination of our advanced technological resources and a team of highly qualified professionals, results in an efficient yet empathetic travel counselling service.
Our aim is to accompany people on their 'trip of a lifetime' to discover nature, art and Italian food and wine, through an advanced technological process that brings together the excellence of local operators and the skills of our customer care team totally oriented to the needs of the customer.
Our operators act as true Travel Consultants 2.0, helping customers at all stages of the trip, from planning to last-minute needs to post-return feedback, while remaining in a purely digital environment.
Innovation & Tradition
Our vision, always aimed at technological progress, is combined with a constant attention to the social dimension of sustainability in tourism, so we are proud to give visibility and opportunities to small local operators who respect and know their territory.
We strongly believe that the success of tourism strategies comes from a deep respect for local traditions and the environment, as innovation can only start from solid ancient roots.
At the same time, our work stems from our ability to grasp the infinite potential of technological tools at the service of tourism and customers. Therefore, we intend to chart a path and become a model for all traditional tour operators who fear that technological innovation may undermine the historical value of their activities and demonstrate that, on the contrary, it can represent a decisive opportunity to enhance their qualities.