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Things to know about Milan

Milan has always been the economic and industrial capital of Italy, a modern and avant-garde city that provides evidence of a glorious past but meantime is already looking to the future. The Expo, which will be staged in the city in 2015, represents a special opportunity for the whole country, and Milan has been able to take on the challenge by acquiring new facilities and services.
Visiting Milan is a unique eXPerience and there is a lot to see and do: from the history of art to the design and high fashion, up to the technology. Milan, in fact, can boast important historical sites: from the famous Duomo, overlooking the homonymous square (Piazza del Duomo), to the imposing Sforza Castle. But it is also the place where you can discover masterpieces of Italian art from the world famous paintings of the Last Supper to the Brera Art Gallery.
A visit to Milan, however, wouldn’t be complete without a shopping session - or even just a simple walk - in the Fashion District: a famous area throughout the world for its high-style boutiques and shops, where you can find all the best Italian and international brands. Moreover, from Milan you can easily reach some of the largest outlets in Italy, perfect places to buy branded products at affordable prices.
Milan, however, can also be the starting point for some interesting day trips: from the great lakes – the Como Lake with the enchanting Bellagio, the Maggiore Lake with the beautiful Borromean Islands, the Garda Lake with its gems or Lugano Lake with its alpine atmosphere - to the Dolomites and the Alps, characterized by a unique scenery. Not to mention the possibility to reach, in a few hours, amazing destinations such as Venice, Genoa and the Cinque Terre.