Small Group Walking Tour of Milan Central Market with Cooking Class

Small Group Walking Tour of Milan Central Market with Cooking Class

5 h
Food, Wine & nightlife
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Cooking class and shoping tour in Mercato Centrale of Milan

This day tour of Milan will give you the opportunity to stroll around the Central Market of Milan. After choosing the best ingredients, you will learn how to cook some famous Italian dishes with a qualified chef and then have dinner with the delicious food you have prepared.

Visit of Milan Central Market and cooking lesson highlights: 

  • Visit the Central Milan on this small group tour with a cooking class
  • Enjoy an experience in a small group
  • Explore the local bottegas to find the best ingredients with a chef
  • Learn how to prepare local dishes with a professional chef
  • Discover and taste the specialties of Italian cuisine

Visit of Milan Central Market and cooking lesson

There's no place in the world like Italy for experiencing culture and cuisine!Start your Tour of Milan with a trip through the incredible Central Market of Milan, the heart of good local food. Then, top off the day with a cooking class where you'll learn to prepare authentic Italian food and then taste the delicious food you have just made!

Tour of Mercato Centrale 

Milan is an elegant and dynamic Italian city, rich in culture and history but also for the gastronomic tradition. You will meet your chef at Mercato Centrale, a unique place in Milan where you can finde the excellence of Italian and milanese cuisine with local bottegas, bars and restaurant. Your professional chef will guide you in exploring the shops flooking for the best and finest ingredients to be used for your cooking class. He will explain you all the secrets and tips fo the choice of the ingredients to make an unforgettable Italian dinner.

Unmissable Cooking Lesson

After this peculiar shooping in Mercato Centrale, you will be ready to get your apron on! You will be slaving away in the kitchen with your expert chef for an unforgettable pasta cooking class! With all the necessary equiptment and ingredients provided, you will learn the true recipes to local and national Italian dishes, famous throughout the world! It will be an incredible eXPerience, also to bring home all the secrets of Italian recipes, so that you can surprise your friends for a 100% dinner, when you will be back home! 

Dinner with the dishes you prepared

After all your hard work, you will have the opportunity to taste what you have produced and see how much you have learnt during the lesson. During the lunch, along with the food you have cooked, also drinks will be provided so you can truly relax and enjoy the eXPerience. At the end of this session you will receive a certificate of participation, to never forget this fun eXPerience in Milan!

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