Street Art and Food Tour in Milan

Milan Street Art and Food Tour

3 h
min 30
Food, Wine & nightlife
difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
Immediate confirmation

Guided tour of Milan discovering street art and typical food

Discover the street art works of Milan and be mesmerised by the mural expressions of Milan painters through the 1900s industrial revolution. A guide will take you through the off beaten tracks to explore beautiful art pieces as well as tasting and experiencing Italian varied food culture.

Street Art and Food Tour in Milan highlights: 

  • Discover the Street Art pieces of Milan in Piazza della Repubblica
  • Learn about the many styles and themes of street art painted by famous and varied mural artists
  • Visit the ancient remains of the Spanish wall at Porta Romana
  • Taste delicious traditional Italian snacks with craft beer
  • Tantalise your tongue with famous Mozzarella and aperitivo

Try the real italian food flavour with this tour and you'll discover also the real Milan street art

Milan Street Art at Piazza della Repubblica

At first sight, Piazza della Repubblica may seem like a financial industrial area but with our 3.5 hour tour, we will take you to explore the hidden beauties of the scattered street art, mural and graffiti done by legendaries such as Blu, Sten Lex and 108. Éxpose yourself to the political expressions and social movements during the 1900s and learn the painting techniques using stencil art and wheatpasting to understand the street art revolution

Milan’s Mural Paintings

No other cities can you find the artworks of legendary street painters such as Blu, Sten Lex and 108. We will take you through Via Conchetta and Via Predil to see a 300m mural painting reflecting the industrial revolution. The tour will also stop at Leoncavallo, known to be the street art hub par excellence, where you will see a wide range of artists’ artworks in their unique abilities in telling visual stories.

Porta Romana, traditional Italian snacks, Mozzarella and Aperitivo

Porta Romana was once the first and the main imperial entrance to Milan, situated in Piazza Medaglie d’Oro which you can still see the remains it. Being a historic district, we will take you to taste traditional snacks such as Farinata (a chickpea pancake) and a Focaccia of Recco in an underground area, accompanied by an Italian craft beer. Continuing to an old gastronomic 60s shop for its fried chicken and mouthwatering Mozzarella di bufala. We conclude the tour with an Italian aperitivo at a trendy bar.

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