About Us

Technology, people, and collaboration: a marketplace of tourism experiences aimed at satisfying every requirement, an expert and passionate team, and a network of partners throughout Italy.
To the question, “who we are?” we answer by pointing out these pillars that are both the basis and the guide of our work in the tourism sector in Italy. ItalyXP’s journey began in 2013 with Saverio Castilletti’s idea, who decided to combine his decades of managerial experience in marketing and digital services with his passion for the tourism sector.
The portal is built on the association between e-commerce and experiential tourism, two market segments in continuous growth with unexplored potential in Italy, to gather in a single platform a wide range of activities, tours and experiences provided by local operators throughout Italy. Since then, together with a team of young professionals that has grown year after year, we have achieved many goals, both metaphorical and real.
From Rome alone, we moved on to Florence, Venice, Naples, and Milan to cover the entire peninsula. From a handful of historical business partners, we have built a network of more than 150 tour operators and small local agencies all over Italy, providing them with a sales showcase fuelled by innovative digital marketing strategies.
From Vatican Museum and the Colosseum tours, we have come to offer authentic experiences of all kinds and for all needs; cooking classes, Vespa and bicycle tours and food and wine activities, all carefully selected from our partners. From an initial target clientele from the United States, we have managed to expand our clientele in Italy by welcoming travellers from more than 120 countries, who have booked experiences through our site.
From selling individual experiences, we have moved on to assisting our clients in the intelligent planning and creation of their entire travel itinerary, becoming Travel Consultants 2.0.
Since 2022, our journey continues as part of To Italy Group - the Italian Experience - the first Italian experiential tourism group, which combines the expertise in digital marketing of ItalyXP with the skills of Florencetown, a leading operator in the production of high-end experiences, and Arno - Travel & Event Design - a historical reality in the luxury sector specializing in tailor-made travel events and experiences.
We still have so many goals to explore and so many strategies to study to reach them, we strongly believe that teamwork will take us much further!
Together, we can make a bigger difference! 

Informazioni ex art. 1, comma 125, della legge 4 agosto 2017 n. 124 Rinviando alle informazioni contenute nel Registro Nazionale Aiuti di Stato del Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico, ai sensi della Legge 124/2017 si segnala che la società ha ricevuto nell'anno le seguenti sovvenzioni, contributi o altri vantaggi economici, da soggetti o enti pubblici: - crediti di imposta in favore di imprese turistiche per i canoni di locazione di immobili per € 1.800.