About Us

Do you wish to discover the charm of Italy? Who can do it better than the Italians?
Before starting ItalyXP, we thought hard about which features we needed to have in order to offer you experiences in Italy that are beautiful, special, and easy to understand and purchase.
The first element is to be Italians, to know Italy, to know and love the country and to be in a position to pass on the passion for this country which, even with a thousand faults, remains the "most beautiful country in the world".
It is also essential to be curious and passionate about Italian "culture" that is the result of art, archeology, folk traditions, gastronomy, music and everything in the world that is called "Italian style".
To offer tourist services we must be, of course, tourism experts, so as to focus on what is most interesting for those who come to Italy from a thousand countries and with a thousand different tastes.
But to manage a company that wants to offer an excellent service, to both customers and suppliers, we must also have necessary management skills and habits to prevent problems and solve them quickly when they occur.
These are charecteristics of the Italians who have founded and manage ItalyXP: a set of managers with decades of experience in the marketing of online services, young people who have made tourism their training and profession, and striving computer scientists with the rare ability to "put themselves on the side of the customer".
We are people who travel around the world with passion and curiosity, and who are also angered to see Italy is often visited on a surface level, by hurried tourists and not by interested travelers.
These are the customers we want! People who want to know and learn as well as have fun, curious people who want to visit Italy but also meet the Italians, people who want to see, hear, taste, and enjoy Italy.
If you are someone like this, trust us, you are in the right hands!