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Things to know about Sardinia

Sardinia is an amazing island, permeated by a mystical charm and breathtaking beauty. In summer, as in any other time of the year, this land will offer you an unforgettable journey, enriched with several activities, between sea, mountains, genuine food, nature, culture, outdoor sports and centuries-old traditions.
A wild and unspoiled island, but also equipped to accommodate the tourists at best, making them feel at home. Sardinia is mostly famous for the beauty and variety of its coastline: from the long beaches of golden sand to the tiny hidden coves of pebbles, but also imposing cliffs overlooking the sea. Crystal-clear water in all shades of blue and green where it is impossible to resist the temptation to dive for a swim and admire the lush underwater world.
But a trip to Sardinia cannot be limited to the “beach & sea” experience... Considered the cradle of the Mediterranean culture, its area is dotted with historical monuments, mysterious rock towers (called “nuraghe”) and archaeological sites dating back to the Bronze Age. But Sardinia is also a land of ancient flavours and recipes handed down through generations.
From the seaside towns to the inner villages perched on rocky headlands, Sardinia is an island full of memories, emotions and poetry. Everywhere - from north to south - you will be enchanted by its stunning sceneries, the scents and colors of the Mediterranean scrubland, and the incomparable transparency of its sea.
Let yourself be inspired by our toursactivities and itineraries divided by themes that will guide you to the discovery the most beautiful landmarks in Sardinia.