Tours on Wheels in Sardinia

Tours on wheels


Tours on wheels in Sardinia

Tours on wheels in Sardinia

Tours by Vespa, by FIAT 500, by Segway, or even by bicycle: there are many alternative ways to visit Cagliari and all the most beautiful cities of Sardinia. Our exciting tours on wheels, all safe and reliable, will enrich your holiday eXPerience, making it enjoyable and unforgettable.
The tours by FIAT 500 and by Segway are ideal for exploring the picturesque alleys of the cities without too much effort, moving from one destination to another easily, avoiding the risk of missing something. However, the tour by bicycle – more indicated for sports lovers – represents a more dynamic solution for those who want to combine the pleasure of discovering to the pleasure of staying in shape.
And our tours on wheels are not only within the city centres, but also in the wild nature of Sardinia, along the coast or in the mountainous inland areas of the island. So, what are you waiting for? Jump aboard and start your adventure! 

Segway tours, vintage Fiat 500 and Vespa tours to explore Sardinia