Day Trips and Excursions in Sardinia

Day Trips & Excursions


Day Trips & Excursions in Sardinia

The major cities of Sardinia (such as Cagliari, Sassari, Olbia and Alghero) are rich in historical, artistic and natural treasures. But the island of Sardinia is full of extraordinary places to be discovered in its whole territory, both along the coastline or within the mountainous inner area.
With our day trips you will have the opportunity to visit the most beautiful and famous destinations in Sardinia, but also some hidden treasures located in the most inaccessible and unknown parts of the island. You will comfortable depart from the city you are staying in, for an amazing half-day or full-day adventure (with return included).
We provide transport and the organization of the tour: you just have to relax and enjoy the trip!

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Half day Trip in Cagliari to visit the Archeological Site of Nora This half day trip from Cagliari to Nora will show you one of the best examples of Roman ruins on Sardinia. After exploring the archaeological area, take the scenic route home, where you’ll spot flamingos if you’re lucky!
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Half Day Trip from Cagliari to the Museum Town of San Sperate One of the more unusual day trips from Cagliari, this visit to the Museum Town of San Sperate is a feast for the senses! Its colourful murals are a treat for the eyes while the sound garden is literally music to your ears!
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