Half day Trip in Cagliari to visit the Archeological Site of Nora

Half day Trip in Cagliari to visit the Archeological Site of Nora

4 h
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difficulty Easy
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Walking tour to Nora and Lagoon of Santa Gilla departing from Cagliari

This half day trip from Cagliari to Nora will show you one of the best examples of Roman ruins on Sardinia. After exploring the archaeological area, take the scenic route home, where you’ll spot flamingos if you’re lucky!

Excursion to archaeological site of Nora from Cagliari highlights: 

  • Visit the open-air museum at Nora near Cagliari
  • Explore one of the best examples of Roman ruins in Sardinia
  • Admire the magic of Santa Gilla Lagoon
  • See one of the most interesting wetlands in the European Union
  • Spot over 70 kinds of birds, including pink flamingos

Excursion to archaeological site of Nora from Cagliari

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city on this half day trip from Cagliari to Nora. It’s the perfect blend of history and nature! You’ll start by visiting the Nora archaeological area, home to Roman ruins. Then, on the scenic drive home, you’ll have a chance to see the birds of the Santa Gilla lagoon!

Discover the Roman ruins of Nora

Your half day trip from Cagliari to Nora begins as you head south west along the Mediterranean coast of the island towards one of the best-preserved archaeological areas in Sardinia. The ancient city dates back as far as the 8th century BC, when it was the first Phoenician city on the island. It then developed more in the 4th century BC under Punic Rule, before the Romans conquered in 238 BC. It used to serve as the beginning of all roads across the island!

Admire the views of Pula and the Mediterranean Sea

Sometimes known as the ancient sunken city, the archaeological park is the highlight of this excursion from Cagliari to Nora. While you’re exploring, you’ll be amazed by the temples, bath houses, and theatre of Nora. Just as incredible is Nora’s location – on the Capo di Pula peninsula jutting out into the Mediterranean Sea between two hills. Make sure you snap some pictures of the stunning sea views!

Enjoy a panoramic route home along the Sardinian coastline

Once you’ve learned about the historical side of this day trip from Cagliari to Nora, you might want something a little refreshing before heading back to the city. And for nature lovers, we have a real treat for you! You’ll enjoy a scenic route along the coast and the Santa Gilla lagoon. It’s known as one of the most important and interesting wetlands in the EU! There are over 70 species of bird here, but the one you’ll want to spot is the pink flamingo! After that, there will still be time for a quick visit of the city centre of Cagliari!

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