Wine Tasting experience with sommelier in the Centre of Milan

Wine Tasting with professional sommelier in the Centre of Milan

1 h
Food, Wine & nightlife
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
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Wine and food experience with professional sommelier in Milan city centre

Prepare yourself for a rich, sensuous, indulgent experience. Lose yourself in complex and subtle notes of the finest quality of wines. Savour the rich textures, sweet aromas, and heavenly tastes of regional delicacies. Experience the culture of Italy with this wine tasting in the centre of Milan.

Wine Tasting experience with sommelier in the Centre of Milan highlights: 

  • Taste the tradition of Italy with a selection of artistically crafted food and wine.
  • Explore and experience the taste of a culture, produced in the regional Lombardy countryside with three wines and samples of perfectly paired foods.
  • Learn about the history and tradition of the fine food and wine produced for you by a seasoned sommelier.
  • Experience the Italian culture the way it was intended; through the sensual delight of taste.

Discover the best of Italian culture with this wine tasting in the centre of Milan: you will have the chance to taste several types of Italian wines, together with typical appetizers. The best choice to discover food and wine and have a pleasant evening in Milan.

Discover Italian food and wine

Italy's culture is a culture of the Lover – the natural, sensitive aspect of man, open to experiencing everything there is to experience in life. This is present in every aspect of Italian culture. It is evident in the architecture, it is present in every piece of art, the paintings, sculptures, and music. And it is especially present in the food.
In Italy, food is not something you eat. Food and drink is something you taste, smell, and savour. It is something to experience – every sweet and bitter note, every texture. This wine tasting in Milan is something much more than just a few cups of wine to drink. This wine tasting is a sensual journey through the culture of Milan and Italy. In this Milan wine tasting you will learn to eat, drink, and experience food like a true Italian, if only for a night. 

Receive a taste of the flavours of the Lombardy countryside 

Your guide through this journey will be with an experienced, professional sommelier – a person who has devoted their professional career on becoming knowledgeable about wine.
Your sommelier will choose for you a sampling of three luscious regional delicacies artfully prepared in a way only possible in Italy. They will then choose the three fine wines that will pair the best with the chosen foods.

Sample the perfect pairing of fresh ingredients and fine wine

Perhaps you will taste a glass of Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso, served with beef carpaccio and a splashing of balsamic vinegar. Maybe you will have a glass of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo with fresh vegetables, or a meat pie with croutons and tomatoes.
You will thank the heavens if you are served authentic Pinot Nero paired with a slice of succulent chocolate cake. Each pairing for every wine tasting changes with the seasons.

Learn how to experience your tastings and the history of the foods

Every step of the way the flavors of each food and wine will be described to you in great detail. You will be invited to taste feel, and experience each wine, pairing in the tradition of Italy. You will also be given a detailed history of the wines and their paired ingredients while you relax in your seat, taking in the atmosphere of an authentic wine bar in the heart of Milan.