Private Tour of Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peters Basilica

Private Tour of Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica

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The Vatican is amazing and every detail has some kind of history behind it...

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Guided exclusive Private Tour of Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica

A private tour of the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica is what you need to enjoy one of the most beautiful places in the world. You will access with skip the line tickets and your professional tour guide will explain you all the history and secrets of the Museums.

Private Vatican tours with skip the line tickets available in different language highlights: 

  • A private tour of the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and Saint Peter's Basilica to enjoy at best your visit to the Vatican City
  • Discover masterpieces created by some of the most renowned artists in the history of mankind, including Michelangelo, Bernini, and Raphael, among many others
  • Journey into the center of the Catholic Christian world, and absorb nearly 2,000 years of history
  • Avoid the very long lines with exclusive skip-the-line access to ensure you make the most out of every minute of your experience inside Vatican Museums
  • Enjoy the dedicated attention of a senior private guide, steeped in the history of lore of the Vatican, who will truly enrich your tour experience

Private Vatican tours with skip the line tickets available in different language

This private Vatican tour will let you enjoy at best your time in Rome. Come and tour one of the most incredible places on Earth – the Vatican City - with a personal, private and expert tour guide dedicated to you and your group alone for each and every minute. Visit the Sistine Chapel inside the Vatican Museums and St Peter's Basilica and all the wonders kept inside, which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, on this unforgettable private tour of Vatican.

An exclusive private tour of Vatican with skip the line tickets

It is a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience, so you don't have to worry about anything or to wait for a very long time on a queue and you can save energy to see  the Vatican Museums collection: with the skip the line tickets included in the private tour  you will be allowed to access the Museums immediatly. Vatican Museums keep the world's foremost collection of Renaissance art and architecture, and you will visit this really unique place in the company of a professional guide, exclusively devoted to enriching your personal experience on every step of the way.
Your personal guide will help educate you about the history of the Vatican itself as well as the Church which has made its home here in this State within Rome. He will intrigue and educate you with stories and tidbits of information about many of the masterpieces, and how they eventually made their way here to their homes in Vatican City
One of the most impressive are the frescos of The Four Raphael Rooms (Stanze di Raffaello in italian), where you can admire some of the most famous works of the Italian Renaissance. The four rooms are called: the Hall of Constantine, the Room of Heliodorus, the Room of the Signatura and the Room of the Fire in the Borgo.

Private Tour of Vatican culminates in The Sistine Chapel

The Private tour of Vatican Museums culminates in the Sistine Chapel where, surrounded by some of the most incredible fresco work on Earth, you can view one of the most famous pieces of art of all time – Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam. The Sistine Chapel is also the place where the Cardinals meet to choose the new Pope: a place full of spirituality that you can't miss while visiting Rome.
You really will scarcely believe what you will see and learn with our exclusive tour and thanks to our professional guides, you will never forget this day inside the Vatican walls.

The majestic Saint Peter's Basilica and St. Peter's Square

The private tour of the Vatican Museums  will then continue with a visit of the St. Peter's Basilica, one of the most famous Domes in the world and the cradle of the Catholic Church. You will feel like in the centre of the world when visiting this majestic temple. Inside the Basilica you can admire masterpieces made by Michelangelo, like the "Pietà" the sculpture in Carrara marble,  or the "Baldacchino" the bronze altar canopy made by Bernini. Your private vatican guide will explain you all the details about the most important masterpieces and will be happy to answer to all of your questions and curiosity.
After Museums and St Peter basilica, the tour will end in the main square of the Vatican State: St Peter Square. Your guide will show you the optical illusion of Bernini's colonnade, the magnificent facade of St Peter's Basilica designed by Carlo Maderno and all others attractions that you can admire in the square.

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Reviews of Private Tour of Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica

Reviewed by susana mirta n. from

Nuestro guía Lorenzo fue excepcional!!!

Nuestro guía fue Lorenzo... súper puntal muy atento y superó nuestras expectativas además sabia muchísimo el recorrido fue ameno y entretenido... gracias lorenzo por tu atención!!!
Reviewed by An ItalyXP customer from

Excepcional y maravilloso.

Un guía ameno con conocimientos profundos de los museos y en general de la historia.
Reviewed by An ItalyXP customer from

It was a magnificent experience and like a pilgrimage.

The Vatican Museum is full of work of arts from statues, paintings, tapestries from ancient times. St. Peter's Basilica is a wondrous place with many inside chapels full of ornate sculptures and decorations and indeed a wonderful sight to behold. The Sistine Chapel is also a work of art but unfortunately you cannot take pictures. Also the light is quite dim perhaps to protect the paintings from deterioration.
Reviewed by Sergio F. from

Amazing tour.

Destacaría varias cosas, entre ellas la puntualidad de la guía, por otro, las explicaciones de todo cuanto íbamos a ver adecuándolas en el contexto histórico pertinente y finalmente el trato cercano y amable ( Michela ) .