Entertaining guided trip around the main attractions of Milan city center on Segway

Small Group Tour around the main attractions of Milan city center on Segway

3 h
Tours on wheels
difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Fun guided experience around the main attractions of Milan city center on Segway

See the wondrous architecture of Italy's financial and fashion capital, both modern and ancient, and admire the most important attractions of Milan on this small group tour by segway.

Entertaining guided trip around the main attractions of Milan city center on Segway highlights: 

  • Glide down the most important streets in Milan
  • Feel the bustling atmosphere of Piazza dei Mercanti - the historic town center of Milan
  • Find all the best places to shop for the latest trends in high fashion
  • Experience the unique awe that comes with seeing the most famous attractions
  • Admire the grand architecture and large structure of the Milan Cathedral

The economic and fashion capital of Italy, Milan is home to many wonderful and beautiful sights. Experience the greatest sight seeing that Milan has to offer in just three hours by using a segway!

Admire Milan's beautiful and elegant classical architecture

Your experience will be intimate and more personal with only you, a small group tour and your English-speaking tour leader.
The tour begins with a thirty minute orientation. Once you are comfortable on the Segway, the tour into the historic center of town begins.
Along the way you will experience the important landmarks of Milan and be given a chance to take in the elegant views that Milan has to offer.

See Sempione Park and the impressive Sforza Castle

Roam the lush, green expanse of the Sempione Park, right next to Arch of Peace and the beautiful gardens of the Sforza Castle.
Make your way through the Sempione Park into the courtyards of the great Sforza Castle!
Housing many culturally important museums, the large structure is elegant and inviting in its unique and classical architecture.

Admire the most important Structures of Milan in the Piazza del Duomo

After exiting the Sforza Castle, you will find yourself standing in the center of Milan, both geographically and culturally. Some of the greatest and most awe-inspiring monuments of Milan reside in the Cathedral's Square.
The Milan Cathedral stands in elegant, imposing, classical splendor, dwarfing other nearby buildings, and the entrance to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele stands proudly, beckoning entrance to the arcade.
While you will not enter the galleria, you will still admire the wondrous and triumphant building, and even the outside of the gallery is telling of the bustle of the world's oldest shopping mall.

Glide down the Via Dante into the historic town centre of Milan

The segway tour will end in the Piazza dei Mercanti, the Medieval centre of Milan, after a ride through the wondrous and ancient street of the Via Dante.
Truly a world lost but not forgotten, by the end of the tour you will have seen some of the most important and beautiful sights that Milan has to offer. 

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