Night guided tour around the best attractions of Milan city center in Segway

Night guided tour around the best attractions of Milan city center in Segway

2 h
min 30
Tours on wheels
difficulty Medium
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Guided activity around the best of Milan by Segway by night

This exciting two and-a-half hour tour of Milan by night allows the opportunity to see firsthand Milan's newest and most modern district, and Italy's foremost foray into the future! Experience it on board a modern segway!

Night guided experience around the main attractions of Milan in Segway highlights: 

  • See the structures of the past and the future of Milan in one night
  • Witness the splendor and beauty of Milan to a backdrop of a bustling nightlife
  • See all of Milan's modern marvels, such as the Bosco Verticale, during a dazzling night time display
  • Admire the Unicredit Tower, the tallest structure in all of Italy
  • Travel into the future as you take in buildings like Lombardia Palace, the Vertical Forest and Diamond Tower

Night guided experience around the main attractions of Milan in Segway

The tour starts with a short orientation on the segway. Once you are comfortable and confident riding a segway, your English-speaking guide will escort you to the modern Milan and to the bold vision of Milan's – and Italy's – future.

Admire Milan by night on this segway tour 

The historic, but not ancient, Piazza 25 Aprile is home to the arch of Porta Garibaldi, and connects to the Porta Garibaldi railway station, a more modern part historical addition to Milan.
Watch as the skyline transforms from an aging but charming collection of buildings into the sleek, modern skyscrapers of tomorrow.
Your will admire Milan's newest developments and the innovative designs and concepts being brought to life in the city, and the architects responsible for such dramatic and powerful structures.

See firsthand the innovation of Italy in Milan with the Vertical Forests

You will see the Bosco Verticale, a Vertical Forest, designed to not only to house people, but to house a forest of trees to help produce more oxygen, mitigate smog, and soften the noise of the city.
This unique pair of condos that double as an urban forest can only be found in Milan.
Milan's revitalized urban interior includes the Diamond Tower. A sparkling example of Italy's commitment to its future, the tower is faceted and angled to produce the diamond-like structure.
The walls, primarily glass with steel supports, shines elegantly and spectacularly, reflecting the night-lights of the city in a starry night sky.

Witness the awe inspiring, tallest structure in all of Italy, the Unicredit Tower

Likely the highlight of the evening, you will be escorted to the foot of the Unicredit Tower, the tallest skyscraper in Milan and in Italy.
The dramatic curve and sleek, modern elegance of the massive structure is striking. You will no doubt be struck in awe in taking in this modern, bold statement of Milan's - and Italy's - future.

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