Private tour to discover the beautiful Borromean Islands

Private tour to discover the beautiful Borromean Islands

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Bellissima esperienza privata e guidata alle Isole Borromee

Laura P.
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Private Excursion to discover the Borromean Islands

The Borromean Islands Private Tour is packed with historical excursions detailing their struggles to create an independent state, the invasion of the French Revolution, and the historical heritage of the Borromean family. 

Private Activity to discover the beautiful Borromean Islands highlights: 

  • Join an exclusive private tour to explore the famous Borromean Islands
  • Visit Isola Madre, highlighted with an enjoyable walk around the spectacular botanical gardens
  • Walk through the narrow streets of the Isola dei Pescatori
  • Alight onto the island of Isola Bella and see the beauty that has captivated many socialites
  • Visit the Grand Palazzo and the Palatial Terraced Garden at Isola Bella

Private Activity to discover the beautiful Borromean Islands

Discover one of the best areas of Italy, in this Private Tour of the Borromean Islands of Lake Maggiore, on the south side of the world-famous Alps. Their name is derived from the aristocratic Borromeo merchant family of the 14th century, who later became bankers. The Borromean Islands were not fully owned by the Borromean family until the 16th century when they built grand palaces with lush palatial gardens, that can still be admired.

A glimpse of Isola Madre

You will begin your Private Tour with a pleasant cruise on a private taxi boat on Lake Maggiore to capture the spectacular panoramic views of the Borromean Gulf and its jewels.
On this panoramic cruise, you will embark on Isola Madre to enjoy a fully guided visit to the largest island of the Borromean Islands. The island is occupied with numerous 16th-century extended Renaissance architectural structures surrounded by impressively lush gardens, with the Giardini Botanici covering an area of eight hectares. It is inhabited by peacocks, parrots, and pheasants.

A pleasant walk in Isola dei Pescatori

Departing from Isola Madre, you then head towards Isola dei Pescatori, the Fisherman’s Island of the Borromean. The island is only about 100 meters wide but it has narrow streets covered with cobbled alleyways to the promenades. Evidence of the traditional fishing trade still exists in the local restaurants and is displayed in their local cuisine. Here on this humble island, we will take a lunch break. However, instead of taking a lunch break, you may want to venture up to the Church of San Vittore.

The Baroque Isola Bella

Isola Bella, is known by the Piedmont inhabitants as the Beautiful Island, one of the much favored Borromean Islands of Lake Maggiore. It was once occupied by a small fishing village, before that later Charles III of the House of the Borromean built a monumental palazzo for his wife Isabella D’Adda, from whom the island derived its name. Upon the completion of the villa, it became the venue for prestigious parties and high social setting events amongst the nobles of Europe. With the addition of the palatial terraced gardens, its illustrious beauty drew in many influential socialites. Now Isola Bella is host to the annual Stresa Music Festival.

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Reviews of Private tour to discover the beautiful Borromean Islands

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Meravigliosa visita alle Isole Borromee con Guida

La visita (privata) alle Isole Borromee con guida ha reso la nostra gita da piacevole a memorabile. La guida, Anna, è stata molto professionale e capace di catturare la nostra attenzione per tutta la giornata. Il trasporto da Stresa alle Isole e tra un'isola e l'altra è stato fatto privatamente, con un'imbarcazione tipica lacustre tutta per noi. Le tre Isole Borromee e Stresa sono la punta di diamante dei laghi del nord d'Italia, estremamente curate e ben tenute, ricche di storia, arte e natura. Lo consiglio vivamente!