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Milan is the Italian fashion capital: it hosts the most prestigious boutiques and trendy shops. The heart of fashion, in the city, is called the Fashion District: an area delimited by the four most important streets for shopping lovers.
In this neighborhood you can find the best shops in Milan: the area amongst Via Monte Napoleone, Corso Venezia, Via Manzoni and Via della Spiga is one of the most important and exclusive in the world of shopping.
In this area, the shopping lovers will find their ideal environment, but even a simple walk through these streets is an eXPerience not to be missed in Milan.

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Small Group Tour of the best and main attraction of Milan by Tram Experience Milan in one of the most exciting and unconventional tours available. Take the historical tram and explore the main attractions of Milan. This exclusive small group tour of Milan by tram will show you the city in a new light, with its landmarks and shopping destinations.
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Private Tour of the main attractions of the centre of Milan by tram Tour Milan in a spectacular and unconventional manner. Board Milan's number historical tram and see the city from a new angle, aboard the very vehicle that gives it its characteristic charm. Stop to do some shopping and enjoy the city's top landmarks, like the Duomo, La Scala and Sforza Castle.
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Milan Fashion District, special shopping Walking Tour Take a guided fashion tour in a city known worldwide for its innovative, high-end styles. Walk the streets of Quadrilatero, Milan's fashion center, and get to know the brands that defined Italian fashion. Learn history, tips, and secrets on this exclusive tour.
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