Private Tour of the main attractions of the centre of Milan by tram

Private Tour of the main attractions of the centre of Milan by tram

3 h
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difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Private Tram Ride across Milan historical centre and it's main attractions

Tour Milan in a spectacular and unconventional manner. Board Milan's number historical tram and see the city from a new angle, aboard the very vehicle that gives it its characteristic charm. Stop to do some shopping and enjoy the city's top landmarks, like the Duomo, La Scala and Sforza Castle.

Private visit of the main attractions of the centre of Milan by tram highlights: 

  • Enjoy an exciting and unconventional tour of Milan by tram
  • See Milan's best sights while riding the city's most famous tram
  • Free time for shopping in Milan's main shopping streets
  • Admire Milan's beautiful buildings, including the Duomo and La Scala on foot
  • Enter and explore the famous Sforza Castle

Private visit of the main attractions of the centre of Milan by tram

Discover Milan in a way you've never imagined! Board one of Milan's historic trams to see the city and its major attractions in a fun, unconventional manner. See the city as the locals do from this fantastic vantage point. Pass by the city's best highlights, including the Milan Cathedral, La Scala Opera House, Sforza Castle, and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II - one of the world's oldest shopping malls.

Discover Milan by tram with this amazing private tour

Find out why Milan is known for its fashion and shopping opportunities as you traverse the city's longest and busiest shopping street. In this iconic neighborhood, stop and enjoy free time to shop yourself!
Start in Piazzale Cadorna in the center of Milan. This plaza is known for its gigantic Needle, Thread, and Knot sculpture, a symbol of the city's status as an international fashion icon. From here, ride to Sforza Castle, the one-time residence of Milanese Dukes. Explore this imposing citadel, which now hosts some of the city's numerous museums and art collections.

Meet a professional tour guide and visit the centre of Milan 

Continue on and admire the panoramic view as you ride further into the city. Note the triumphal Arch of Peace, a commemorative monument commissioned by Napoleon, as you pass Porta Sempione. Pass through the city center and reach the Brera District and Cordusio, traversing the city in a convenient, comprehensive manner that is impossible on a traditional tour!
Return to the center and hop off the tram for a moment to continue on foot. Some sights are so spectacular that they need to be examined more closely, and we'll do that with a guided walking tour of Milan's historic center. See the fierce and imposing Milan Cathedral, also called the Duomo. This awe-inspiring Gothic cathedral is the largest church in Italy and the fifth largest in the world. Next, admire La Scala Opera House, recognized as one of the world's finest opera houses and theaters.

Admire the best attractions of Milan with this private tour

Board the tram once again and this time head for Milan's hottest shopping district, passing the city's diplomatic quarters and admiring the Piazza della Republica along the way. Reach Corso Buenos Aires, one of the top shopping locations in Milan. Here, enjoy some free time to shop and discover why Milan is one of the world's most important fashion destinations.
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