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The Navigli area is the heart of Milan's nightlife: a dynamic neighborhood, full of trendy bars, where you can spend a pleasant evening in company or where you can taste the local cuisine.
Built for irrigation and mobility functions, in order to connect Milan with the great waterways of Northern Italy, the Navigli today are still controlled by a complex system of dams and locks.
The Naviglio Pavese and the Naviglio Grande delimit one of the most characteristic districts in Milan, which maintains its charm even during the daytime, when you can sail the canals on board of a boat.

Tours and things to do in Italy

Guided Food Tour in the centre of Milan A tour of Milan to get to sample the best Italian food in Milan. You will also have the chance to explore the charming Navigli district of Milan, one of the liveliest, where to find unexpected jems ad narrow streets over the river. 
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Walking Tour around the exciting Navigli area, in Milan Join our exciting walking tour of the Navigli in Milan, a special and different activity in the city. Boost your knowledge and appreciation for the city with this amazing Milan experience. Discover the history and legends of these enchanting canals of Milan.
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Private Tour of the Milan nightlife around the Navigli area Walk the path less traveled in Milan with a private walking tour of one of the city's most fascinating and lesser-known destinations, the Navigli Canals. Discover the unique history and legends surrounding these canals, which cross a quarter of the city and permeate a popular nightlife district.
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