Private Tour of the Milan nightlife around the Navigli area

Private Tour of the Milan nightlife around the Navigli area

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Private visit of the Milan nightlife around the Navigli area

Walk the path less traveled in Milan with a private walking tour of one of the city's most fascinating and lesser-known destinations, the Navigli Canals. Discover the unique history and legends surrounding these canals, which cross a quarter of the city and permeate a popular nightlife district.

Private Trip of the Milan nightlife around the Navigli area highlights: 

  • Enjoy an exciting, private walking tour of the Navigli canals
  • Stroll along Milan's picturesque canals as your guide divulges their fascinating history
  • Travel back in time as you learn about the centuries-old trade on the canals
  • Discover the mark Leonardo da Vinci made on the Navigli
  • Stay in the neighborhood after the tour and experience the legendary Navigli nightlife

Private Trip of the Milan nightlife around the Navigli area

Milan is known for fashion, shopping and some amazing attractions like the world-famous Duomo. However, some of the city's most intriguing sights are well-kept secrets. Head off the beaten tourist path to explore one of these intriguing sights, the Navigli Canals. This private walking tour will expose the history and secrets of the charming Navigli canals, which cross a quarter of the city. Learn about the canals' fascinating history and get to know the Navigli district, one of Milan's most vibrant neighborhoods, known for its nightlife.

A private tour to discover the Navigli district in Milan

Begin your three-hours private walking tour in Piazza Sant'Eustorgio, in front of the ancient Basilica of Sant'Eustorgio, a Romanesque church rumored to have once contained the tomb of the Three Kings.
Stroll along the canals until you reach the Darsena, an old Spanish-era harbor which remained active until just a few decades ago. Continue on, crossing the Triumph Bridge and walking along the elegant Naviglio Pavese as you approach the main canal, Naviglio Grande.

Explore one of the most famous areas of Milan

Along the way, your private guide will share stories and divulge the legends about the people who used to work the canals and live on their banks. The Navigli of Milan were built after the 12th century, and later on they were improved by Italian genius Leonardo da Vinci. This Renaissance man left his mark on the canals by devising an improved system of locks.
Keep walking and enjoy the unique vintage ambiance as you find yourself amidst striking sights, some of which haven't changed for ages. In particular, marvel at the Vicolo dei Lavandai, which has been in its current state for hundreds of years, allowing you to really get a feel for what it was like in historic Milan. Throughout the tour, admire these scenic vistas and pause to snap photos of picturesque places.

Enjoy a private tour with a professional tour guide

This exclusive private walking tour of the Navigli Canals is one of the most distinct attractions in Milan, and it provides some unique insights into the city that other attractions, while wonderful, can lack.
At the end of the tour, feel free to stay in the fascinating Navigli District. Perhaps stop at one of the charming traditional trattorias for a meal or simply linger to admire the scenery and feel of this quaint quarter, where you can also hang around to experience vibrant Milanese nightlife.

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