Small Group Tour of the best attractions of Milan and the Last Supper by Tram

Small Group Tour of the best attractions of Milan and the Last Supper by Tram

3 h
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Guided Tour to Discover the best of Milan by Tram in small group

Experience Milan in one of the most exciting and unconventional tours available, including the visit to the Last Supper. Take the historical tram and explore the main attractions of Milan. This exclusive small group tour of Milan by tram will show you the city in a new light.

Visit of the Last Supper and the centre Milan by Tram in a small group highlights: 

  • Insightful and exciting small group tour of Milan by tram
  • Explore the city while riding the most famous tram of Milan
  • Visit the famous Sforza Castle and admire the attractions of Milan
  • Enjoy the experience of admiring the Last Supper
  • Admire the beautiful Duomo of Milano, La Scala and other marvels

Visit of the Last Supper and the centre Milan by Tram in a small group

Get ready to discover Milan like never before in one of the most innovative and exciting tours of the city. The tram tour of Milan is an unconventional way to explore the city and its main highlights.

A small group tour by tram to visit Milan*

While there are many ways to visit the attractions of Milan, a tram tour will reveal another face of the city, one that only locals know. Through this unique activity in Milan, you will visit and admire some of the most interesting places inside the city, including the Sforza Castle, the Milan Cathedral, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele or the La Scala Opera House, as well as the longest shopping street inside the city. Traveling by tram, you will uncover a different view of Milan from these historical machines that still give the city a special charm.

Admire the best attractions of the centre of Milan and Last Supper

This exclusive small group tram tour of Milan starts from Santa Maria delle Grazie, where you will visit The Last Supper painting by Leonardo da Vinci. Due to the fragility of the artwork, access is limited, so it is a great opportunity to explore it with a guide. After that, you will explore the treasures of Milan, starting with the Sforza Castle, the residence of the Milan Dukes. You will have the chance to visit this huge citadel and admire the panorama towards the city, including the Arch of Peace, a commemorative monument commissioned by Napoleon. You will get on the tram from Sforza Castle, passing through the beautiful city centre, you will reach the Brera District and Cordusio. From there, returning to the centre, you will continue for a fascinating tour of the city centre and its attractions, including famous Duomo, the La Scala Opera House.

Visit Milan with this tour on board a classic tram

The rest of the Milan tram eXPerience reaches the shopping district of the city, as Milan is one of the most important fashion destinations of Europe and the world. We will pass through the diplomatic quarter, admire the Piazza della Republica and its monuments, reaching Corso Buenos Aires. This is one of the top shopping avenues in the city, a place where you will have free time to browse the stores and satisfy your shopping needs. If you ever imagined an enchantingtour of Milan, combining the fascination of visiting the main attractions, admiring the beautiful monuments and a shopping break, this small group tram tour of Milan is exactly what you dreamt.
*This tour is by tram and by foot. Some parts of the tour you will walk in order to discover the monuments and points of interest reachable only by foot. Amount of walking is involved ( it is a hop on and hop off itinerary, so you are not seating on a tram, in case you have difficulty is better not select this tour).

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