Exclusive Street Food making, Lesson in the center of Palermo

Private Street Food Cooking Class in the center of Palermo

4 h
Food, Wine & nightlife
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Sicilian Fast food Cooking Class in the city of Palermo

With this cooking class in Palermo you will learn how to prepare some of the most typical street foods of the culinary tradition of Sicily. At the end of the cooking class, you will have the opportunity to eat what you realized for lunch, all accompanied by a glass of local wine!

Exclusive Street Food making, Lesson in the center of Palermo highlights: 

  • Learn some recipes from the culinary tradition of the city of Palermo
  • Discover the history and traditions of the dishes, result of the influences of various cultures
  • Taste the excellent dishes from the street food traditions of Palermo
  • Enjoy this experience with the expert guidance of a professional chef
  • Eat the dishes you prepared and savour a glass of delicious local wine

With this Private cooking class in Palermo you will have the opportunity to learn some of the most representative recipes in the world-famous typical Sicilian cuisine and taste some of the main dishes from the street food traditions, the result of millennia of culinary culture.

An experience to discover some of the traditional Sicilian recipes

During the Private cooking class, , assisted by a local professional chef, you will learn to cook some of the most famous recipes of the Sicilian culinary tradition.
Guided by the expertise of the chef, you will learn to cook dishes such as Palermo's typical potato croquettes (the so-called "cazzilli") and one of the most famous Palermo's street food: panelle (made out of fried chickpea flour), the excellent result of the influence of several civilizations that have dominated the island over the centuries .

Savour the traditional dishes of the city of Palermo

You will have the opportunity to taste the traditional street food of Palermo, preparing the dishes with your own hands.
Among the dishes that you will taste, and learn to prepare, there might be the famous "arancini", perhaps the most famous Sicilian steet food, apparently imported by the Arabs , who used to eat rice and saffron flavored with meat, herbs and spices . As a way to better preserve the food, the practice of frying and breading was introduced, making arancini ideal for extended hunting trips.
Today, it is one of the most popular Italian products abroad.  You might get to prepare the "rascature" (literally: scraping), a fried preparation that was created to avoid wasting food. It is in fact cooked reusing ingredients already cooked for another preparation, instead of throwing them.
Or, you might learn the secreat of the "cannoli", fried dough waffle filled with ricotta or cream; the "cassatella", made of ricotta, sugar, cinnamon and chocolate chips.

Relax and enjoy the typical street food from Palermo

Let yourself be accompanied by an expert of the Sicilian gastronomy that will tell you the secrets of each dish.
After the cooking lesson, you will have the opportunity to have lunch with the foods you prepared.
All washed down with a good glass of local wine, as you are comfortably seated around a spread table in perfect Sicilian style.

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