Taste and learn: Traditional Street Food Tour in Palermo

Taste and learn: Traditional Street Food Tour in Palermo

4 h
Food, Wine & nightlife
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Gastronomic street food tour around the city of Palermo

Palermo was voted as one of the top ten cities when it comes to best street food. And its reputation undoubtedly fulfils every gourmand's expectations! The city aboundswith local vendors that offer a myriad of tempting local delicacies to all those who are willing to try them.

Gastronomic experience: Traditional Street Food Palermo highlights: 

  • Discover the reasons Sicily is acknowledged as one of the most famous Italian food capitals
  • Taste the array of street food specialties available in the unique Palermo, and allow your taste buds to be spoilt!
  • Embrace the cultural distinctiveness of Piazza Verdi, and find out what makes it such an excellent spot
  • Wander around the markets and typical streets of Palermo’s historical center, which is particularly exceptional because of the presence of Mercato del Capo, Vucciria and Piazza San Domenico, and Palermo Cathedral
  • Find out the hidden secrets and history of every dish you taste as you talk to the locals

Gastronomic experience: Traditional Street Food Palermo

On this special day in Sicily, you will have the chance to taste the vast array of food specialties that can be found in Palermo, while wandering around its markets and historical centre.

Enjoy Palermo's delicious street food traditions

Our group tour will guide you through the beautiful historical center of Palermo. This activity is a must for every person who wishes to experiment new dishes and tastes. Food is certainly one of the main pleasures of life, what's the use in denying it? Relaxing while eating a delicious meal is a real glimpse of happiness, and it mirrors the Italian easygoing spirit.
We offer you a group tour that is equally fun and fascinating, encompassing the very best Palermo has to offer. The street food present in the food markets in Palermo is the unique mixture of various cultures that have put their mark on the Sicilian land from ancient times. We want to let you know that the food and flavors you will try will be unparalleled to anything you have eaten before.

See Palermo from your own perspective

We will depart on the group tour, and our first stop will be Piazza Verdi. It is filled with multiple cafes, street vendors, and numerous boutiques. The setting is always packed with people, which makes Palermo feel alive and lively throughout the day. Your guide will let you know which are the most important and interesting tourist sites while at the same time allowing you to convey the location from your personal perspective.

Experience Palermo through its traditional specialties

Our professional guide will make sure to give you all the information concerning Palermo and its rich cultural background. By all means, your curiosity will be satisfied, and all your questions will be answered. Don't hesitate to get into contact with the locals, the people who have lived on this spot for decades – you will find out so much more about Palermo and its incredible history.Traditional dishes including sfincione, panelle, arancine, pane con la milza are available for tasting on the numerous taverns located in the city centre. And, to put the cherry on top of your unique experience, you will receive "Passaporto del Mangione", which in English means your "foodie's passport". It will help you to remember the unique Sicilian flavors you relished during our traditional street food tour in Palermo!

Cooking Classes in Palermo

 If you wish to learn how to prepare the specialties you have tasted today, try our Street Food Cooking Class in Palermo or our Traditional Cooking Class