2-hour Guided tour of Pompeii with an archeologist

2-hour Guided tour of Pompeii with an archeologist

2 h
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difficulty Medium
Wheelchair Not Accessible
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2-hour Guided Group tour of Pompeii with archeologist

This will guided tour of Pompeii will help you to discover some of the geniuses of the ancient times. Eperience incredible two hours with explanations of an archaologist. There is no better way to experience the magnificence of Pompeii than this one!

Two hours visit of Pompeii with a professional archeologist highlights: 

  • Exclusive two hours guided tour of Pompeii’s historical sites
  • Discover the real Pompeii tale with an archologist
  • Learn tales about life in Ancient Rome
  • Take a walk round the streets and buildings
  • Travel with a professional tour guide who understands the history of the location

Two hours visit of Pompeii with a professional archeologist

This two hour trip to the enthralling past Roman Empire will take you round Pompeii, a site that was buried under the Volcanic rock of Mount Vesuvius for more than one thousand years. You will be lead by an Archeologist who will help you understand the fun and tragic side of Pompeii.

Enjoy a Memorable Two Hour Group Tour

The tour will begin in the morning at the entrance of the Archeological site of Pompeii, where you will meet the archeologist/guide that will be with you in this incredible tour, explaining the history, art and anedoctes about this incredible roman site, one of the biggest in the world.
You will acess easily with skip the line tickets, avoiding the queue. The amazing Pompeii experience will leave you in admiration. Famous worldwide, the ruins of Pompeii are a treasure of priceless historical value, as they are the only ones in the world (along with those of Herculaneum) capable of show to visitors a real ancient Roman town, miraculously preserved over the centuries.

Discover Pompeii’s history

Your Pompeii tour experience will not be complete with learning about the story of the Crumbled site. Your tour guide will tell you the tragic story that befell Pompeii while walking through the remains of the site.
There will of course also be time to take pictures to serve as memories for the trip. It will be like travelling thourgh time for you! The ancient Roman city of Pompeii was completely destroyed in a morning during 79 AD, when the eruption of Mount Vesuvius completely submerged it under 10 feet of ashes, pumice rocks and lapilli. Those volcanic materials have preserved the city of Pompeii, keeping it intact till today.

Return to your location with lots of memories

Your tour guide will always be on hand to take you through the ruins of Pompeii. You will discover the once thriving city as it was after the disaster. Your tour guide will also ensure that you discover some of the beautiful parts of Pompeii city.
The tour will last two hours and at the end you willl be free to remain inside to stroll around on your own also after the guide will leave. This will be an incredible experience! 

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