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Things to know about Pompeii

Famous worldwide, the ruins of Pompeii are a treasure of priceless historical value, as they are the only ones in the world (along with those of Herculaneum) capable of show to visitors a real ancient Roman town, miraculously preserved over the centuries.
The ancient Roman city of Pompeii was completely destroyed in a morning during 79 AD, when the eruption of Mount Vesuvius completely submerged it under 10 feet of ashes, pumice rocks and lapilli. Those volcanic materials have preserved the city of Pompeii, keeping it intact till today.
Exploring the ruins of Pompeii will literally let you travel back in time, providing a global view of daily life in a Roman society: you will visit several private homes and the most important monuments of the city, such as the amphitheater, the thermal baths and the gym where the gladiators used to train. A tour of the Pompeii excavations is an essential eXPerience for anyone visiting the Campania region.