2-hour Private Walking Tour around Pompeii archaeological site

2-hour Private Walking Tour around Pompeii archaeological site

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She was an exceptional guide. Highly recommend

Lawrence A.
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Private Guided eXPerience of Pompeii archaeological ruins

Discover one of the marvels of ancient world, the amazing historical site of Pompeii. Join us for a fascinating 2-hour private tour of Pompeii, where you get to see the best preserved parts of the city and learn about life in the Roman Age!

2-hour Private Walking visit around Pompeii archaeological site highlights: 

  • Unique two hours tour of Pompeii with an archeologist
  • Discover the history and tragic story of Pompeii
  • Learn about life in Ancient Rome
  • Explore the perfectly preserved streets and buildings of Pompeii
  • Fascinating experience with professional guide

2-hour Private Walking visit around Pompeii archaeological site

Prepare for a trip into the fascinating past of the Roman Empire with our exceptional classic Pompeii tour, where you will get to explore the tragic site of Pompeii, buried and preserved for millennia under the ashes and volcanic rock of Mount Vesuvius. Wander the ancient streets of this once beautiful city and learn more about life in the Roman Empire and the sad story of the end.

Visit Pompeii on this 2-hours tour

Our unique Pompeii eXPerience leaves you in awe with a two hours tour where a qualified archaeologist guide will show you the best highlights of this site. A unique insight into the layout of an ancient Roman town, a tour of Pompeii will reveal more than meets the eye.
The tragic story of this place is linked to the imposing silhouette of Mount Vesuvius, who buried Pompeii and Herculaneum in 79 AD, conserving a piece of history for the future generations.

Discover the history of Pompeii, a place that you will never forget

Once a thriving port town that played an important role for the other inland cities of Campania, Pompeii is now one of the main tourist attraction in Italy. Through this fascinating experience in Pompeii, you will have two hours to admire the ancient site and to learn all the insights on its past.
You will get to visit the best attractions of Pompeii, including the small theatre or Odeion, the main square or Forum, the municipal buildings, the fountains, the temples of Apollo, Venus and Iside, the Basilica and many others.

Admire Pompeii together with a private guide

This 2-hour private tour is the perfect introduction for those visiting Pompeii for the first time. The true experience of seeing this place comes from the inspiring introspection into real life in Pompeii and other Roman towns, upon visiting the houses and streets of the city, imagining the last moments of the inhabitants.
Join our exclusive 2-hours private tour of Pompeii and discover this amazing Italian destination.

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Reviews of 2-hour Private Walking Tour around Pompeii archaeological site

Reviewed by Lawrence A. from

Felicia, our guide, was exceptional!

Our guide has 2 PhDs in Archaeology and works in the restoration department in Pompeii. She was an exceptional guide. Highly recommend
Reviewed by ZULEMA BEATRIZ C. from

Muy buen tour! Ana.. excelente guía!!!!

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