Gelato and Pasta making in Florence

Gelato and Pasta making in Florence

3 h
Food, Wine & nightlife
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Learn the secrets of fresh pasta and gelato in Florence

In this cooking class in Florence, you'll learn how to juggle ingredients to make the best fresh pasta dish you've ever eaten and especially cooked! You will also discover what is the right combination of techniques and ingredients to make authentic Italian artisan gelato.

Cooking class in Florence to learn how to make fresh pasta and gelato highlights: 

  • Learn the secrets of the fresh pasta tradition
  • Listen and be entertained by the explanations of an engaging local chef
  • Watch a real Italian gelato making live demonstration
  • Sample the exquisite meal you just prepared with two glasses of fine wine
  • Obtain a graduation certificate and a recipe booklet

Cooking class in Florence to learn how to make fresh pasta and gelato

An efficient way to be sustainable in our eating habits is to not buy ready-made or pre-cooked pasta at the supermarket, but to bring our abilities to another level and learn how to make pasta yourself! From the ground to the table, fresh hand-made pasta is the symbol of authenticity of  the Italian ancient culinary traditions, and in this cooking class we’re looking forward to seeing you become a part of it!

Become a skilled pasta maker

If you think about the typical Italian fresh hand-made pasta  your mind is probably going to land on a greedy image of a lasagna, which is undoubtedly the most famous fresh hand-made pasta dish all over the world. What you’re going to learn in this cooking class in Florence is how many types of hand-made pasta exist in Italy, and how different they are in structure and taste. Most likely you know tagliatelle, or ravioli, but have you ever heard about gnudi? Traditional Tuscan gnocchi-like dumplings whose names mean “naked” because they’re made just with the filling of ravioli, which is typically ricotta cheese and spinach. So in this cooking class at the Central market of Florence you’ll have the chance to go in-depth with our entertaining local chef in Italian culinary knowledge and you’re going to learn not only how to manipulate the pasta dough, how to cut it, and cook it, but also which are the best pasta and seasoning combinations. Ready to become crazy for pasta?

Turn into a gelato expert

There are several things to take into account when choosing an Italian gelato. You can find classic gelato basically everywhere in Italy, no matter what time of the year it is, but what’s not obvious is to find high-quality products. The traditional artisanal Italian gelato is the result of different elements that have to come in synergy to create an excellent product, that’s why you’ll see our chef choosing the finest natural ingredients during the live illustration. The right churning mechanism and the correct heating and freezing techniques will be explained to you as well, as they are another key point of gelato production, together with the knowledge of the most harmonious combination of natural colors and flavors. Obviously, you’re not at school and this is not a theoretical lecture, so you won’t get to listen to gelato’s explanations without having had a proper taste of it!

Celebrate with fine wine 

Take the final step into another typical Italian moment: eating all together an abundant Italian pasta-based meal. This is the moment where you can cheer together with your cooking classmates to the amazing result you accomplished by having cooked an authentic Italian meal! What better way to do it than a couple of fine Italian glasses of wine? And if you’re in the company of your children, don’t worry, they’ll have the chance to celebrate too with soft drinks. But the good news doesn't end here: as proof of the cooking skills acquired you’ll receive a Graduation certificate, and to prove to yourself you can replicate this experience and take inspiration from the digital booklet we’re going to give you to realize all the Italian recipes that you like the most.