Group tour by Boat discovering the Gargano Coast and Caves

Group tour by Boat discovering the Gargano Coast and Caves

3 h
Something different
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

3-hour excursion in group, around the Gargano National Park

Join us for the 3-hour motorboat tour from Vieste to the striking white cliffs of Baia Delle Zagare, sailing southwards to the towering Faraglioni along the Gargano Coast, visiting sea caves and stopping for a dip in the hidden coves that are adorned with natural arches.

Group Activity by Boat discovering the Gargano Coast and Caves departing from Vieste highlights: 

  • Visiting the famous region of the Gargano Coast, Vieste
  • Come and discover the beauties of the Gargano Coast with an excursion aboard the motorboat Desiree!
  • Be mesmerised by the stunning creation of these sea caves with its natural arches and the imposing white cliffs
  • Enjoy a dip in one of the unspoilt hidden coves of Baia delle Zagare

Group Activity by Boat discovering the Gargano Coast and Caves departing from Vieste

We will cruise along the shoreline of the Gargano Coast overlooking the striking white cliffs of Baia Delle Zagare and passing by the towering Faraglioni. Leaving from Vieste, we will head towards the sea caves for some magnificent spotting of unspoiled hidden coves where we will have a dip or two.

The Gargano Coastline

No trip to the National Park of Gargano is complete without an excursion along its beautiful coast. Centuries after centuries, the sea and wind have shaped its shoreline creating spectacular natural masterpieces: high cliffs overlooking the sea, beautiful rocks, natural arches, small coves kingdom of gulls and hawks, but above all are the fascinating sea caves. In between the stretches of coastlines is the magnificent town of Vieste and Mattinata, which possesses real caves that are carved from limestone and each has something unique to show and tell.

The Lively Town of Vieste

Vieste is located on the eastern side of Gargano coastline. Situated on a steep hill, Vieste has the charm of an authentic Italian village. Surrounded by cliffs and natural rocks, the town has one of the most spectacular beaches of Italy. The towering Scoglio di Pizzomunno and the sheer white cliffs give a lovely backdrop to the scenery. Vieste is separated by the Adriatic Sea from the Apennines. This historical beauty and its natural landscape have been envied by many foreign empires. The Slavs, Greeks and the Saracens have all once step foot on beautiful Vieste and left their mark on the local culture and architecture.

White Cliffs of Baia Delle Zagare

Baia Delle Zagare is an isolated sandy beach that can only be reached by boat. The pristine bay is enclosed by a gigantic limestone cliff, protecting the beach from any form of wind. The crystal clear water with enclosed white cliffs with overgrown vegetation is certainly picturesque of a true beach holiday. The breath-taking sceneries are not one to be missed. If you don’t feel like swimming, you can always opt out exploring the cliffs of Baia Delle Zagare.

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