Private Italian Cooking eXPerience in the fantastic Salento region

Private Italian Cooking eXPerience in the fantastic Salento region

3 h
Food, Wine & nightlife
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Amazing Private cooking lesson in Lecce or Gallipoli

Discover the taste of Salento's cuisine in one of our cooking class and learn the ancient art of baking in the cities of Lecce or Gallipoli (on request). As we take you through the history on how to prepare Salento themed dishes, you will be exposed to the traditional way of cooking these dishes.

How to cooking like an Italian eXPerience in Salento region highlights: 

  • Discover what makes the cuisines in Salento famous in the Puglia’s region
  • Learn the traditional art of baking in the cities of Lecce or Gallipoli (on request)
  • Enjoy the various flavours that influence the dishes of Salento
  • Join in our cooking class to discover the history of each dish
  • Enjoy your labour at the end of the class

How to cooking like an Italian eXPerience in Salento region

Introducing Salento's cooking class in the cities of Lecce or Gallipoli. Take this opportunity to learn how to prepare and cook multiple Salento dishes, ranging from seafood, pasta, sweets and the traditional Salento bread. As we learn the art of preparation, you will discover the historical value of each dish presented. At the end of our class, take pleasure in your labor with a glass of wine.


Salento is in the southeast district of Apulia's region, known as the "heel of the boot". Salento is famed in possessing miles of beautiful beaches. The beautiful formations of rocks in the Adriatic Sea are one of the highlights of the Salento Peninsula. 
The quaint and charming traditional villages, the humble communities, the traditional music and folk songs, small unique handcraft shops and the simple yet delicious dishes of Salento are the main attractions both for the local and curious tourists.

Lecce or Gallipoli

Lecce is the main city of the Salentine peninsula and the city is filled with rich Baroque architectural monuments and buildings. This historical city is affectionately known as "The Florence of the South". 
The city has a long affinity with Greek culture and many foreign gastronomical influenced. This eXPerience can also be organized, under request, in Gallipoli, a wonderful place of Salento, very famous for the beaches you can enjoy there and a very nice historical centre! You can choose if have the cooking class in Lecce or Gallipoli, as you prefer!

Cooking Class in Salento

The Salento cuisines are entwined with the flavor of Mediterranean cuisine. Salento dishes features simple, poor looking but rich and strong in flavor. This is due to the exposure to the Greek, Turkish, Arabic, Spanish and French culture.
We will also learn the ancient art of baking that is handed down from the Salento grandmothers, who will show us how to make the traditional bread wheat, Friselle, bagels, and buns. We will also attempt to cook the main dishes of Italian cuisine, namely pasta, seasoned with prized oil from Apulia. At the end of our cooking class, we will enjoy our labor with a glass of wine.

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