Private Apulia country tour with pic nic, around Alberobello countryside

Private country tour in Apulia with fantastic pic nic experience

2 h
min 30
Tours on wheels
difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Accesible

Guided visit around the best of Alberobello with picnic

Join our country tour and picnic in Alberobello by either a Segway, eBike of a mini golf cart. We will venture into the historical town of Alberobello, after which we will head towards the beautiful countryside to enjoy our picnic consisting of Puglia products.

Private Apulia country tour with pic nic, around Alberobello countryside highlights: 

  • Visit the historical town of Alberobello with either a Segway/eBike/Mini Golf Cart.
  • A fully guided tour introducing the history and traditions of Alberobello
  • Learn about the construction techniques of the unique Trulli.
  • Touring the countryside of Alberobello for an authentic experience of the Apulia region.
  • Enjoy a wonderful picnic that consists of typical products of Apulia.

A 2-hour guided tour of the historical town of Alberobello, with a guide that will introduce the history of the town and how trulli came into existence, as well as showing you what construction techniques were employed to build the trulli. We will then proceed to the beautiful countryside to enjoy the Puglia themed picnic.

The Historical Alberobello

Alberobello, literally means beautiful tree and its name derived from the beautiful oak forest that was once the character of the area. Alberobello is famous for its traditionally built ancient white-washed stone houses, called the trulli. Today, Alberobello is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s history intermingles with feudal debates and disagreements over tax payment which ultimately resulted in the construction of the trulli.

Unique cone-shaped Trulli

Iconic cone-shaped houses built with limestone are the famous trulli found in the Puglia region. You will see trulli dotted across southern Italy. The traditional trulli were constructed as temporary shelters by the 16th-century agricultural laborers. As part of this tour, our guide will relate the historical facts of trulli, the techniques employed to construct these unique houses and the status symbols of the trulli.

Puglia Picnic by the countryside

After completing the guided tour, we will drive out to the countryside to our awaiting picnic to enjoy the Puglia products such as focaccia, cheese, beverages, Puglia bread and Puglia meat cuts. As we take in the sceneries of the Apulia region, we will take the opportunity to have some photoshoot as part of making memories of Alberobello.

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