Private visit of Alberobello's Trulli with wine tasting

Private Tour of Alberobello's Trulli with wine tasting

2 h
Tours on wheels
difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Accesible

Wine tasting and Trulli history experience in Alberobello

Join our short private tour of 2 hours for a brief guide to the local history of Alberobello, the constructions of trulli and a visit to a local winery to learn about the Apulian wine making techniques accompanied by Apulian savouries. 

Private visit of Alberobello's Trulli with wine tasting highlights: 

  • A brief historical guide into the small commune of Alberobello
  • Learn of the region’s traditions, folklores and culture
  • Discover the UNESCO treasured trullis and learn of its construction methods
  • A visit to a local winery to learn about Apulian wine-making process
  • Enjoy the regional wines accompanied with traditional Apulian savories

In this tour, we will take you through the historical commune of Alberobello to learn of its ancient traditions, folklores and the many facets of Alberobello culture, especially the functions and history of trulli. We will also pay a visit to a local winery to learn about the Apulian wine making process. At the end of the tour, you will be treated to some wine tasting accompanied with Apulian’s famous savoury biscuits.

The historical town of Alberobello

Alberobello literally means beautiful tree, deriving from its ancient heritage where it was once a beautiful oak and beech forestry. Alberobello is a small commune situated not far from the port city of Bari. Alberobello has come into attention of many tourists because of its well-known UNESCO trulli. As our guide takes you through the commune to visit the Church of Alberobello, you cannot but help noticing the small lanes, narrow passages and the friendliness of the Alberobello people.

UNESCO treasured Trulli

Trulli are a white-washed conical roof houses built with dry limestone and you can only find them in the Apulian region. They are Apulian’s traditional huts that existed from the 16th century due to tax feud. The original purpose of trulli building was used as temporary shelters and storages but later it has evolved into permanent dwellings of Alberobello agricultural farmers.  You will be taken through the historical meaning of trulli and discover the construction methods and techniques of a trulli.

The regional Apulian Wines

Apulian regional wine in Alberobello has over the centuries cultivated one of the top quality vines in Italy. The soil landscape as well as the humidity has preserved the quality and unique taste of Apulian wine. At the later end of the tour, we will visit a local winery to learn about the wine making process with a wine expert, where you will also be treated to some wine samplings that are accompanied with the traditional Apulian savoury biscuits, the Taralli.

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