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The Apulia region boasts a great architectural and cultural heritage, as well as natural wonders from the coasts to the inner areas.
Among the wonders of this region, Castel del Monte has an exceptional value for the perfection of its structure and the fusion of different architectural elements from northern Europe, the Arab world and classical antiquity.
It is a castle with an octagonal base, built around 1240 by Emperor Frederick II, in the hamlet of the town of Andria. Still today, its grandeur and unique shape surprise the visitors.
In 1996, the UNESCO Committee meeting has included this castle among the World Heritage Sites.

Tours and things to do in Castel del Monte

9-Day semi-escorted Tour of South Italy: Sicily, Matera and Apulia Come away to this 9-Day Tour of Sicily, Matera & Apulia as you will take you on a journey to the best of the bests of Sicily (visiting Palermo, Agrigento and more), Apulia and its ancient Trulli, and the wonderful city of Matera.
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8-days independent tour of Apulia from Bari An independent tour of Apulia departing from Bari, to discover the best of the region on the road! You will not miss the traditional Apulian dry stone huts, Trullo in Alberobello, the seafront of Bari and Barletta, the magnificent castle of Castel del Monte and the Cathedral of Trani.
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