Full Day Tour exploring around the Via Traiana by e-bike

Full Day Tour exploring around the Via Traiana by e-bike

7 h
Day Trips & Excursions
difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

One Day excursion discovering the landscapes of the Via Traiana by e-bike

Experience a unique culinary, cultural, historical, and religious adventure in Puglia with this full day guided tour. You have the chance to visit Savelletri di Fasano, Monopoli, and a typicalmasseria– some of the most amazing places in the area. 

One Day Trip discovering the landscapes of the Via Traiana by e-bike highlights: 

  • Join us and get your cycling exercise with the group at your own pace, while exploring places like Monopoli or Savelletri
  • Take a tour of beautiful places in Italy in an environmentally respectful way, like a guided cycle tour by e-bike
  • Learn about the fascinating history of different places
  • Make archaeological discoveries in churches and cave settlements
  • Explore the Adriatic coast and admire the breathtaking beauty of nature, with its green olive trees and blue sea

One Day Trip discovering the landscapes of the Via Traiana by e-bike

Enjoy an experience that you will never forget in Puglia, tasting flavored traditional dishes, types of wine, and immersing in a unique cultural place, veiled in shades of blue, green, and white.

Relish an unforgettable gastronomic experience

The region you will visit during the full day tour is famous for its fantastic cuisine. The local people respect the traditions when it comes to preparing delicious dishes, but they also pay special attention to the ingredients. The combinations of flavors of seasonal products will undoubtedly impress any cuisine lover or gourmand.
One of the keys of the tasty meals prepared by locals is the fact that they only use the best natural ingredients. Another secret is the multitude of olive oil types, which enriches the flavor of each product.
In a traditional masseria, you have the opportunity to enjoy a great gastronomic experience, as you will take a traditional light lunch at a farm. Here, you can participate in an oil tasting course, and have a wine tasting. Furthermore, you will savor local products, such as different types of cheese, bagels, almond paste, cold cuts, etc. At the farm, you will also benefit from a guided tour of the place, including its ancient settlements, like the old mill.

Bright colors and fine sand beaches

The full day tour starts in Savelletri di Fasano, at 9 AM. First, you can enjoy a guided tour of Savelletri, one of the most exclusive places of Puglia.
The astonishing bright color of the sea is contrasted by the “White Houses”, which are in fact ancient buildings settled on the cliff, and the long sandy beaches of this seaside resort.
Another vibrant color is the bright green of the olive trees, which also contributes to an enchanting atmosphere.

Travel back in time and enjoy an authentic cultural experience

Puglia is not famous only for its gastronomy or seaside resorts, but also for the rich cultural, historical, and religious inheritance. Visiting Monopoli in a guided tour offers you the opportunity of traveling back in time and imagine the peak period of this ancient town, during the Middle Ages.
Your tour guide will give you interesting information about this picturesque city and some of its points of interest you can admire here, such as the Madonna della Madia Cathedral, the Castle of Charles, and the cave church of St. Andrew and Procopio.