Group Tour of Bari by bike, with local products tasting

Group Tour of Bari by bike, with local products' tasting

2 h
Tours on wheels
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Discover the flavors and history of Bari with a Group Tour, by bike

Experience a unique, bike tour in Bari, where you can explore the narrow streets of this old town in a personal manner. Take advantage of this guided tour and relish the authentic atmosphere of Bari – which consists in an unusual blending of art, culture, traditions, history, folklore and cu

Group activity of Bari by bike, with local products' tasting highlights: 

  • Take advantage of the chance of exploring a picturesque city in a different manner, by bicycles
  • Immerse in the atmosphere of this town that abounds in cultural, religious, and historical places, such as the Basilica of St. Nicholas and its precious Crypt, the ancient Cathedral of San Sabino and the millennial Norman Castle
  • Discover the French influences in Bari, especially in the modern part of the city, where you can see luxury shopping streets and grandiose theaters.
  • Stroll through the lively squares and the famous fish market of the town, where you can enjoy a tasting of traditional products.
  • Benefit from the knowledge of a multilingual guide, who will accompany you and provide interesting and valuable details about what you will visit.

Group activity of Bari by bike, with local products' tasting

Relish a different experience and enjoy the beauty and the atmosphere of Bari while cycling through the city next to your multilingual guide.

Discover the real Bari

Sometimes, what do you see in pictures is not enough for creating a real image of a place. When visiting it, you will discover a whole different story, and you will be able to understand the town better. Only one perspective is never enough for judging someone or something, so immerse yourself in the depths of Bari, where the cultural, historical, and religious background of the town is visible in each aspect of the locals’ lives.
Find out more about the French-like appearance of the modern city, where you can go shopping or visit significant theatres. Compare this atmosphere with the picturesque one from the ancient village, where you can see children playing outdoors and women preparing pasta, contrasting with the modern town. The symbiosis of these parts of the city cannot be denied, but its uniqueness will take you in two different worlds that are only a few minutes apart.

Enjoy the flavors of Bari

This group tour includes a tasting of local and traditional products you would love to try. The fish market and other lively squares you will visit will convince you that Bari is the place where you can savor numerous tasty products, such as different types of cheese, homemade ice cream, wines, etc.

Benefit from a custom guided tour 

If you are that kind of traveller who loves to discover new places, but hates the lack of privacy and the noise created by plenty of curious tourists when visiting some monuments and attractions in a group tour, you will definitely relish this custom guided tour.
This is a bike tour, so you don’t have to deal with crowds of tourists and wait for others to take pictures or see a monument. You can simply enjoy your trip in a relaxed way. Your multilingual guide can provide you interesting details about the tourist attractions you will visit or about the history of Bari