Group Tour of Lecce by Bike with Tasting of Local Products

Group Tour of Lecce by Bike with Tasting of Local Products

2 h
Tours on wheels
difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

2-hours guided excursion around Lecce landscapes by bike

Immerse yourself in the beauty of the isolated town of Lecce, where modern era meets Baroque and Renaissance. This bike tour will take you in some of the most significant sides of the town, such as the Roman amphitheater, Basilica of Santa Croce, Piazza Sant’Oronzo, Bishop’s Palace, and Piazza Duomo

Private Tour of Lecce by Bike with Tasting of Local Products highlights: 

  • Discover Lecce and its most beautiful places and monuments in a unique manner, by bike
  • Relish the small streets of the historical center and their picturesque atmosphere
  • Admire the contrasting abundance of details of the Baroque next to the simplicity of Renaissance
  • Find out more about the artistic development of this town as you immerse in the multitude of monuments
  • Enjoy a tasting session of local products

Private Tour of Lecce by Bike with Tasting of Local Products

Discover the city of Lecce and its rich historical, cultural, and gastronomical inheritance in a different manner, by visiting the city by bike. You will come across breathtaking views and have the chance to admire impressive monuments.

The uniqueness of the Basilica of Santa Croce

The Basilica of Santa Croce is an impressive cathedral, but also a unique one, as it combines the richness of the Baroque style on the exterior, with an astonishing simplicity and symmetry on the interior. The façade of the basilica is decorated with numerous motifs and details, such as animals, vegetables, and grotesque figures, and also a huge rose window. All these represent particular symbols, portraying, in fact, significant events or figures for the history of Lecce. For example, the Christian powers are represented by the animals you can see there. In the interior of the church, you will notice a blend of Baroque style with the Renaissance style as this part is much simpler but still impressive.

Take advantage of the breathtaking views

While visiting Lecce, you will discover a multitude of unique and exciting places that will impress you. For example, most of the tourists enjoy the historic buildings in the old town that stand for one of the most representative and prolific periods of Lecce, the Baroque era. This part of the city overwhelms its visitors with sophisticated monuments and buildings, which are rich in details. When visiting it for the first time, you feel like you should take a picture on each street corner. The picturesque atmosphere of the narrow streets contributes to the charm of the old town. In fact, you are in a historic city, where each little building has its own story.

Savor delicious traditional products

No one can deny the fame of Italian cuisine. In fact, pizza or pasta are now prepared and appreciated all over the world, and they became significant meals for many peoples, no matter their nationalities. Well, once you are in Lecce, in the region of Puglia, wouldn’t it be a shame not to taste some of the local dishes? This bike tour includes a tasting session of local products. However, you can also find plenty of Puglian restaurants if you want to experience more products.