Private Tour of the Historical Centre of Genoa, with visit to the old shops

Private Tour of the Centre of Genoa, with visit to the old shops and food tastings

3 h
Walking Tours
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
Pick up included

Old shops and food private tour around the best of Genoa

A history and food lover? Grab this opportunity to visit one of the oldest cities in Europe: Genoa. As you are guided by a professional guide around the medieval streets of Genoa, you will enlighten your palates to the ancient Genoese cuisines that you will not regret.

Private Tour of the Historical Centre of Genoa, with visit to the old shops highlights: 

  • Be marvelled with the well-preserved sites, monuments and buildings of the ancient Genoa
  • Discover the famous traits of Genoa and learn of the story of what build Genoa to its popularity unto this day
  • Join this walking tour for a unique experience with a local professional guide, who will take you back to the “real” Genoese essence
  • Enlighten your taste buds with our mouth-watering flavourful ancient Genoese cuisines that are still the world renowned dishes
  • Avoid the congested touristic areas to find the authentic Genoa’s hidden treasures

A private walking tour through the ancient town of Genoa, visiting Genoese impressive landmarks such as the Baroque styled buildings, Piazza De Ferrari, San Lorenzo Cathedral, Doge’s Palace, Renaissance Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, Via Garibaldi, Palazzo Grimaldi, Palazzo Bianco, the city walls of Genoa, public parks with renowned monuments and many more. As we venture around the mediaeval streets, you will be treated to a tasting tour of Genoese cuisine and dishes.

Ancient City of Genoa

You’ll meet your local private guide in Genoa. Start this amazing walking tour of the historical center of Genoa discovering the most famous monuments of the town. Genoa is a city dated back to the 5th century B.C, deserves its nickname “La Superba”. It’s glorious and impressive ancient landmarks earned Genoa the UNESCO title. Wandering through the “Carrugi” alleys will not only enhance your Genoa experience but by just walking through the maze of the historical streets, you’ll find the “real” gem of Genoa and its essence. As you walk along some authentic alleyways, such as Via Garibaldi, you will come across magnificent buildings such as the Palazzo Grimaldi and Palazzo Reale, Baroque styled San Matteo Square, the symbol of the city “Lanterna”, the monumental fountain of Piazza De Ferrari, the Renaissance Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, the Romanesque styled San Lorenzo Cathedral and the Doge’s Palace.

Savor the opportunity in Genoese traditional dishes

But, Genoa is also about people and great stories, iridescent lights and vertical itineraries! This is a city with many souls: medieval, baroque and modern at the same time.
During the tour you’ll discover the ultra-centenarian food shops of the historical center: the old “friggitorie” serving friscieu (fried croquettes filled with herbs), farinata, fried fresh seafood eaten at the counter or to take away. You will go to a prestigious old pastry cafè where the famous composer Giuseppe Verdi loved to spend his time tasting the pastries and later to the “Pietro Romanengo fu Stefano” old shop. During your visit, you’ll have the possibility to taste some typical street food in Genoa old shops and to relax in an ancient Café.

The Rich Heritage of Genoa in Culture

Genoa has a very rich history in art, music and cuisine. Famous for holding numerous frescoes, paintings, sculpture and other artworks, they are all held in the city’s abundant museum, villas, churches, art galleries and even in the piazzas. Tapestries can be seen decorated all over the city. The city itself has its own traditional folk music in the Genoese dialect.

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