Private boat tour to the Poets Gulf from Portovenere
Genoa & Liguria

Private boat tour to the Poets' Gulf from Portovenere

1 h
Shore Excursions
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Private boat eXPerience to the Poets' Gulf from Portovenere

Join this private boat tour from the ancient town of Portovenere to the famous islands of the “Gulf of Poets”, catching the naturally stunning sites of cliffs, grottos, and fortress in the Italian Riviera.

Private boat trip to the Poets' Gulf from Portovenere highlights: 

  • Discover all the beauty of Portovenere
  • Admire the impressive cliffs, caves and fortresses
  • Reach the islands of the Gulf of Poets by boat
  • Admire Portovenere from the water of Ligurian Sea
  • Observe the views and the nature of Liguria

Private boat trip to the Poets' Gulf from Portovenere

Travelling through the Ligurian region you will have the opportunity to discover amazing coastal villages. Among those stands Portovenere. Discover the allurements of Portovenere and the famous islands of the Gulf of Poets along with its rich historical heritage in a private boat tour.

Depart from Portovenere in a private boat tour

Come along and join this private boat tour departing from the ancient town of Portovenere. The town itself is surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, rocky horizons, and a crystalline sea. Your private guide will lead you to discover the combination of beauty and history that created this wonderful strip of homes that lay across the shoreline of the marina.
Since 1997 the town, together with the islands of Palmaria, Tino, Tinetto and the Cinque Terre was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The town of Portovenere offers everything that a tourist can desire, such as delicious food, wonderful landscapes and unforgettable sunsets. Enjoy a private boat tour of the famous islands of the "Gulf of Poets", in front of Portovenere ancient town. A hidden bay with breathtaking landscapes naturally architected by mother nature and mankind together over time!

Enjoy a Private Boat Tour of Gulf of Poets

You will take a private boat tour of the famous islands of the “Gulf of Poets”. A gorgeous bay that is full of quaint little villages with colorful buildings on steep cliffs. The impressive cliffs, grottos, and fortresses of this beautiful stretch of coast were loved by numerous poets and writers such as Byron and Shelley. You'll admire the impressive cliffs, grottos and fortresses of this beautiful stretch of coast loved by poets and writers such as Byron and Shelley.
The Gulf of Poets is a beautiful area full of little villages, gorgeous colors and steep cliffs that disappear into the blue waters below. Also known as the Gulf of La Spezia this area of the Ligurian Riviera begins at the Magra river and finishes at the town of Portovenere. The Bay – so called because it was a favorite of writers like Shelley, Byron, Petrarca and Montale – includes the picturesque villages of Lerici, Sarzana, Tellaro, San Terenzo, Montemarcello, the city of La Spezia, and the islands of Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto.

Discover the notorious Byron Grotto

Portovenere is one of the most symbolic places for the Gulf of Poets, for the beauty of its landscapes and the Byron Grotto is probably the most famous one. The Byron’s Grotto is named after an event when the English poet Lord Byron swam across the bay of Portovenere to visit another fellow poet, Shelley. The beautiful cove is located at the end of the Protovenere’s promontory, just below the 13th century Gothic Church of St. Peter. The view at Byron’s Grotto highlights the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. The Byron Cup, swimming challenge is held every year to commemorate Byron’s legendary action.
The Byron cave is characterized by a white cliff that dives into the sea. Through a narrow opening in the square in front of Saint Peter church, you can access the cave to admire its beauty. The view of the Grotto is also very impressive from the ancient portico of the church.

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