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Venice and North Italy

Venice and North Italy

The North of Italy is an area rich in art, history and amazing landscapes. A vacation package across the North will take you to visit unique cities, like Venice, Milan and Verona and breathtaking views on the Lakes.
If you come to North Italy, Venice is an unmissable stop: it is a place that everyone dreams of visiting at least once in life: its picturesque canals, its islands and its fascinating ancient history make it a unique city in the world, pervaded by a timeless romantic charm. To see Venice is to experience an inimitable atmosphere walking across the picturesque waterways, to admire masterpieces like St. Mark's Basilica in the San Marco square, and Doge's Palace and to marvel at the colorful island of Burano.
A stop in Verona will let you see the majestic Arena and the romantic locations that inspired William Shakespeare in writing Romeo and Juliet and to enjoy at best the typical food of the area, including the well known wines of Valpolicella. From Verona, you will also have the chance to reach in a short time the Lake Garda and the beautiful cities around, like Sirmione and Limone sul Garda.
Heading up North, it is almost mandatory to visit Milan, one of the biggest Italian cities: considered the economic and industrial capital of Italy, it's a modern and avant-garde city rich in historical sites, art, design and high fashion. Here there is the chance to visit art masterpieces like the Last Supper or the Dome and to have a walk in the Modern district and its beautiful skyline as well.
If you wish to have a break from the city, from Milan it is really easy. Lake Como and its stunning villas are just few kilometers away as Lake Maggiore or Lugano Lake. If you prefer the sea rather than the Lakes, no worries: the North of Italy boasts one of the jems of the Italian seaside, the Cinque Terre!

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