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Private tour packages in Italy

What is a private tour of Italy? A private package of tours to Italy is what you need if you would like a plan for your trip to Italy that you can enjoy only with your travel companion or group! In fact, the private packages to Italy include all the necessary items for a complete journey in the "Beautiful Country" like hotels, transfers services and activities just for you.
With our private packages, you will have a fixed time schedule only dedicated to you and your group, not as a part of a big group and at the same time you will be independent during your trip. Plus, you will have the chance to enjoy exclusive tours in the major attractions of Italy, on which you will have at disposal private expert local guides who will answer to all of your requests and take you to discover unforgettable locations at your own pace!
The private packages would also be an excellent way to take the most from your time in Italy by scheduling activities and visits in several locations in few days: for example, you cannot miss the chance to have a private tour of St Mark's Basilica in Venice with your private guide and to enjoy, the day after, a private excursion to Verona or Lake Como in northern Italy, or Naples and Amalfi Coast, in the southern Italy. In our private tours, there are not group tours, because all the activities are scheduled only for you, desinged for your needs.
This kind of tour is highly recommended to travelers that prefer a relaxing and exclusive travel experiences.
Check out our offers and look for the location you wish to visit, like Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Naples and Amalfi Coast, and the trip duration that better suits your needs: then, you just have to be prepared to have an unforgettable, exclusive eXPerience!

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