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Best of Italy

The best of Italy

If you fancy a once in a lifetime trip to Italy, this is the right place to look at! One the greatest plus of travelling to Italy is that it is not only  very rich in beautiful places and variety of attractions, from art to nature and food, but it is quite small country so it is easy to visit the must see even if you do not have much time!
In this case a vacation package is what you need to travel across Italy, stopping in the major highlights form North to South. It will be easy to put together Venice, Milan, Florence, Rome and Naples. You will have the chance to see for example Pompeii on one day and then you can stroll around the Tuscan countryside on the day after!
Of course, the longest you can stay the most attractions you will be able to see, from Milan in the North Italy even to Sicily and its wonderful sea in the South of Italy!