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Overlooking St. Mark's Square on one side and the Schiavoni shore and the other, the Doge's Palace is one of the main attractions of the city, visited by over 1 million people each year. A tour to this monumental building is an absolute prerequisite for any tourist visiting Venice.
The Doge's Palace was the former residence of the Doge of Venice, the highest political authority in the Republic of Venice. The works for the construction of the current building began in the 9th century, but the structure was enlarged and modified until the 17th century; over the centuries it was also damaged and reconstructed by several fires.
The exterior façade of the Doge's Palace is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture, but also the interior of the building deserves a thorough visit: from the monumental staircases to the courtyards, until reaching the Lodge on the upper floor, overlooking the docks. The interior rooms, beautifully painted and decorated, are rich in works of art: an essential stop during a trip to Venice, to discover the history of this lovely city.