Day Trips and Excursions from Venice

Day Trips & Excursions


Day Trips & Excursions in Venice

Venice is a city known worldwide for its rich historical, cultural and artistic heritage. What many tourists ignore, however, is that even its surrounding area offers many things to do and lots of interesting places to discover. With our day-trips you can go and come back within a few hours, without having to worry about public transport and organization of the tour.
A few kilometers from the centre of Venice are indeed beautiful places not to be missed: the Dolomites, a mountain range universally-known for its magnificent beauty, its pristine valleys and the lakes out of time: the ideal place for an unforgettable tour! And always staying in the theme of "nature", do not miss an excursion of Valpolicella, a charming hilly area a few kilometers from Venice, where not only you will have the opportunity to admire the breathtaking landscape, but you can also taste the famous local wines.
But with our day trips, you can also reach some amazing cities of north Italy, such as Bologna and Padua, famous throughout the world for their artistic and cultural heritage.
If you do not want to limit yourself to visit Venice and you would like to make your vacation even more complete, take a look at our day trips and discover the charm of the many attractions just a few miles from the city